Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thinking of you, what would you do?

I've been on facebook (ooooh, who hasn't right? :P) and been checking out this year's residents of Johnston Halls (where I spent my first year in) and I am sooo jealous! Living in the halls for my first year was an experience. It was fun :) and I've got tons of great memories in that place, especially room F.2.11 (my room!!! ^_^) and there's room F.3.9 (Max's room- If I'm not mistaken, I cannot believe I never bothered to check out his room number the numerous times I've been over. lol) But, yeah. I am glad I got into Johnston's and not like some far away place.

It was really bittersweet for me while moving out of my place, in the last 15 minutes, I sat in the corner in an empty room and took in everything. All the tears, laughter, shed in this room... and it'll be taken over by someone in the following academic year. It was bittersweet too saying bye to Max's room for I've got great memories from that room too. I wonder who's taking up my room this year. I wonder if it's a girl and I wonder if she's anything like me (I hope not lah, it won't be too good for her in many senses lol) and like I wonder if she'll meet a boy like I did in the halls. One who'll make her happy and fill her days with so much laughter she can barely breathe sometimes. I must say that was one of my best experiences in the halls, besides making friends who I had grown so accustomed to meeting in the hallways or even randomly saying hello to people who you've been seeing around so much and opening doors and everything! Queuing up for dinner and breakfast! Slipping on my jumper and slippers for breakfast.. the fire drills at crazy times in the morning. Random drunk people screaming outside of my window. The crazy heaters that don't seem to work well :P and the sink in my room which had proven to be very very useful in times of trouble :P But most of all. My favourite has got to be meeting Max :) From the beginning when he came over for movies and then sleepovers and then over to his room because his heater worked better than mine. All those cold winters and knocks on the door. I've become quite good at recognising the different knocks on my door! Can tell when it's Alice (hers is soft and quick), Max (His is rough and loud!!), Julia (in the middle of both, quite difficult hers) and Shevie (she doesn't knock, or she forgets to, opens the door and then closes and knocks :P) and various other people. I miss the surprises that I get from opening the door. And collecting my parcels from the reception area!! Or just walking up two flights of stairs to get to Max. Bringing my pillow along sometimes.... seeing the washing lady at the toilets and showers! and that big window in the kitchen area. Or the small ray of light coming in from the top of the room door..

Reminiscing is making me tear up in a good way :') So many memories.

Conclusion is, I am so glad I stayed in the halls for my first year :) I am looking forward to staying in my two bedroom flat with Julia. A little meh~ but mostly I wanna see how it's gonna turn out. It's gonna be so different. But, we'll see :) Plus I'll be cooking my own food !!! :0 haha Everyone panic now! I've stayed in the flat for a week with Max before coming back to brunei for summer and it was a lovely week. but it'll be different this time round cause max isn't going to be there and it'll be Julia instead soooo we'll see how that goes :)


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