Saturday, September 18, 2010

We're not the same.

"I look at you and I... I am home." - Dory, Finding Nemo.

Adele - Make you feel my love. 
Because, the whole song is just so freaking lovely and got me crying at 7 in the morning. That's why.


Hello :) Well, I'm in Aberdeen now! The trip here was exhausting, like proper exhausting and I'm still a tiny bit jet-lagged because I keep waking up at 6am sharp! And it's ridiculous cause it's dark and I don't do well in dark rooms alone... But anyway, completely off topic. I had a wonderful seat on the flight to London. You know those emergency exit seats where you have all the leg space in the world? Yup! :) And the guy sitting next to me was real quiet, sleeping a lot so it was a pretty good flight! Even though I had a proper tummy ache and didn't feel so well in the middle of the flight but it was good.

Then I reached London , stayed there for 4 hours before flying to Aberdeen! and the flight was really quick : 1 hour 10 minutes?! Usually it'll be nearly 1.5hours so I wasn't sure. But oh well, got here all fine and dandy :)

I've been here 2 night and 3 days now and I've spent much time shopping (mostly for the flat) and so far so good. The weather is irritatingly crummy, but I guess I should be used to it now.

I can't believe that today a year ago, I was moving into the halls as well! Can you believe it? It's so cool, I would give so much to restart that time again, exactly like how it was. It was good, exciting.

The one thing I really like about Aberdeen is because it's so homey, it's like I've never left this place for 3 months! everything is exactly the same besides the few new shops and restaurants (tried one out yesterday called Prezzo and it was delicious!)

Also been grocery shopping a whole bunch which I love! (I can spend HOURS in a nicely stocked supermarket) and been buying food for the flat (healthy okay?! ish.... :P) and yeah, it's good.

I cannot believe I am feeling a little homesick now! I miss my dogs so much (I keep seeing dogs by the road side with their owners and I think of Scamp and Melody T^T) and my mom (I miss having breakfast and lunch with her all the time) and of course sending cheap texts to my lovely Chloe and Becky.... it doesn't help that the only person I've ever felt at home with in Aberdeen isn't here as well so, it's pretty saddening. :(

But it's okay. I shall cope because I am the strong individual woman that I am and I will make this year awesome regardless of things that fuck up.

I hope.


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