Saturday, October 9, 2010

Taking control

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be. Abraham Lincoln
And I'm pretty damn happy :) Have been spending my days in absolute bliss, eating good food, laughing with fun people, walking in great weather. I have been spending so much time out, I've been having a truly occupied week! Yesterday, Alli and I tried out the Korean/Jap restaurant, and I had my Pajeon (seafood pancake)!! SO HAPPY! And it was good as well. Then we had bibimbap which was lovely :) For lunch we had awesome cheap thai food so that made me super happy too :) hehehe.

Caught Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps last night with Alli as well :) I sure like my guys well dressed. Shia LeBouf was looking spiffy in his suits, yummers ;) hahah! But the movie was interesting enough, a little confusing in some parts but all over I enjoyed the film very much. Definitely a good choice to watch. OH while watching the adverts before the movie, an advert for Bleu de Chanel came on and there's this guy right and right at the end I gasped out loud and part screamed, "Gaspard Ulliel"!!!! it was quite funny cause it was random and I didn't spot it earlier. I mean, he looks lovely even with facial hair. I totally recognised his voice and then the little scar on his cheek. He is indeed smokin' hehe :)

I am happy with how I'm coping with everything :) I am proud of myself. I feel bad for people who choose to stay in bad relationships just because they are too scared to let go. I must say, I am extremely lucky that I didn't have to make that choice. It has to be one of the better things that has happened to me in a while. If the breakup hadn't happened, I'll still be brooding at home and checking my phone or skype or facebook every couple of minutes. But no! :D I'm over that shit, I'm out actually having fun doing things without having to think about anything else. It's great! Like I was saying, I feel really bad for people who just keep hanging on even when they know it's not working out. I mean, once he starts treating you like shit, you know, yeah? I mean, is that really all you ever want to experience? being treated like you don't mean anything? I know that I want a guy who will treat me like I'm the only one in the world and I'm so young, I'm so certain there will that one guy who will treat me exactly like how I would like to be treated. And there's someone out there for you too you know? Don't settle for just anything. What's the point of life without risk? If you don't risk this relationship (which btw, is really not going well) then you'll never know if there's a better guy out there. One that will look after you through and through. :)


Anyway, I've got tennis later (lol, no I don't know how to hit the balls yet) and I might swim a little? but I have to head down to town to return a pair of shoes that is too big for me soooooo :) We'll see.

Next week is going to be great as well!!! :D Not as much eating out as this week (been eating out every freakin' day!) but it will still be good nonetheless :)

xx and hope every one is doing well!

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