Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You're far too good for this.

Back from a weekend in the loveliest Brussels, Belgium I am exhausted, both mentally and physically. The trip was enjoyable and lovely filled with all sorts of lovelies although I am quite ashamed of how I have acted throughout the trip. I need a better control over my mood swings, it's driving me (and I'm sure, others) up the wall. It's just that it slips so quickly and suddenly I find myself in the worst of moods, being angry for no reason at all. I think I might just need help.

However, the girlies were being lovely and patient and I am so lucky that they have enough patience to make up for all the crap I must have put them through. Because of that, the weekend can be summed up as good. Lovely scenery, good weather, really really yummy beer and mussels, orgasmic chocolate.. freshly made fries with creamy mayo. Brussels was a good getaway definitely :)

I feel sad that I am back in Aberdeen, while I enjoy being here, there are a few things I am starting to hate about this place. I do not however think it has anything to do with the place. I think I've just got a lot of negative feelings couped up and I would love to get away and start afresh. I am sure I'll feel better after I've moved out of this place, I cannot wait for May 2011 to come any quicker!

Now, I continue with my Law essay due Thursday. I want to get it done tonight so I've got a clear conscience for Wednesday night to go out for Ransom at Aurum :) Wish me luck.

I wish I was back home, Happy Birthday my darling cousin Amilyn Chua. May you grow more wiser and beautiful than you already are. I hope your day has been perfect and filled with so much joy. *virtual hug*


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