Sunday, November 28, 2010

Will tell you now.

I need to remember this all the time.

Hello, spending the night at a nice sleepover at Alli's :) Just what I need, I cannot stay at home. Sometime it kills me. I feel so dead and unalive there sometimes. I cannot wait till May comes, it'll be a good time. I'll be glad to pack everything up and leave.

I've been lucky enough to catch both my beloved ying and yang; Becky and Chloe on skype! It's so lovely hearing their voices, makes me feel like I'm at home. But of course, I'm not. I miss home so much, it is so uncool! I don't know why I'm not going back for Xmas instead of my mom coming here. I make such stupid mistakes sometimes.

I just wanna get away from here. I am quite miserable at the moment. I am thankful for the friends I have here who try their best to make me feel good, and trust me, I do feel good when I'm around my friends and we laugh and talk rubbish and eat good food. But when I'm alone, I think I might actually wanna do something stupid. It's horrid.

I love the MacBook Pro's keyboard! I wish I could get a new laptop. I'm so low on funds right now! Need to be better with my finances. grr.


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