Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's how much I need you.

On the bus back to Aberdeen now. Approximately 3 hours journey, we'll be touchdowning in the Deen at approx 5.30pm just in time for dinner :)

While on the bus I think I might just recap on what I have done in 2010. Just a little obligatory end of the year list of accomplishments etc :).

In the year 2010 I have:
- turned 19 years old, last year of being a teen.
- had my hair cut short and I loved it!
- fell out of love and was a little more mature this time round. You've done well Amelia. Heartbreaks will only make me stronger :)
- Been to Berlin, Marakkech and Brussels.
- Been to Edinburgh countless of times and took tours around Scotland with my momma
- Finished my first year of Uni and started my second year of uni :)
- made a lot more friends and lost some lousy people as friends (which I am most happy about) met a lot of great people who helped me out a lot.
- got a blackberry and an iPod touch!
- moved into a flat which became my biggest regret of 2010. Moving out second week of 2011 so thank the good lord.
- Learnt to cook!! :)
- cleaned the toilet for the fist time ever!
- Learnt to ride a bike, finally!!
- spent christmas in the UK being able to experience boxing day sales and etc
- got a lot better with eyeliners! Both liquid and gel :D
- lost 5 kgs over the summer and gained em all back again this winter.
- got about the sickest I have ever been in my entire life! Complete with really painful throats!, fever, flue, deadly coughing.... Stayed with me for an entire week!

... About all that I currently remember :p

I will add if I remember anymore :p I'll have to post one regarding what I expect my 2011 to be like (awesome plz) and my "resolutions" lol.

Will get some sleep now!

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