Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sound of music

It's been a long tiring day. Getting up at 6.30am and getting on a tour bus at 8.45am and touring the Scottish Highlands, seeing sheeps, horses and highland cows on the way and finally stopping at a whisky distillary to finish of the day has been great. It's such a good way to spend some time looking around Scotland especially since Scotland is a pretty huge country.

I am able to blog for a bit because we're on the ride back to Edinburgh and everyone is mostly asleep on the bus eventhough it is only 5pm. The sun sets at about 4pm here and it can be definitely frustrating having so little daylight. Its so much different in the summer where we get at least 22 hours of daylight. Good times ;)

Alrighty then. We're about 15 minutes from being dropped off. Our tour guide has been amazingly funny today. Haven't laughed like that in quite a bit. I'll blog a little more when I have time. I've been so busy it's great!

Lots of love xx
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