Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jar of Hearts

So everyone knows I love love love drinking tea. I can make tea and drink it all day long. Does wonders for my teeth really (sarcasm in case you didn't catch it). But my latest obsession is, peppermint tea! Past contenders has been chamomile tea, oolong tea, pu erh tea and hte infamous green tea. But peppermint tea, it's something different yeah. There's the smooth tingly feeling of the tea going down your throat and it's sooooo yummy to drink after a meal! I am looking for some genmaicha (toasted brown rice green tea) and when I get that, I'll be obsessing over that :p The only place I'm getting my genmaicha fix is when I visit Alli and I don't even do that that often anymore since we're in the exam period atm. Grr.

I bought a lovely dress from Topshop for CNY this year but last night while doing some heavy thinking (as I always do before I drift off to sleep), I will be returning it since I did some future thinking, I wouldn't actually be wearing it that often either soooo... hopefully I'll find a replacement asap and even if I don't then I guess I'll just have to settle with what I already have. Don't be too greedy Amelia, it'll be a bitch to move again :p aha.

I'm getting some form of eczema on the insides of my left arm. I'm not sure why I'm getting it at all. Quite annoying really, it's itchy and red and gross looking. Great! Also I think I'm getting it on my ears but I'm not sure about that. Hmm.. let's hope not anyway.

Well, my first exam is tomorrow.. Business Finance, please be good to me as I will be good to you. Please let all that I sort of revised come out and let me be able to answer at least 3/4s of your questions. After which, 5 days and two days of 3 exam papers and BOOM! LONDON baby.

I need the getaway ASAP. I know I sound as though I am so stressed, truth is; I'm not really all that stressed. It'll just be nice to get away for a bit even if it's just one weekend. Come back and start the second term all fresh and anew. It's really quite annoying for me atm because I have not unpacked my suitcase of clothes yet and not planning to since I'm moving end of March so everyday it's like I'm in a hotel room of some sort and I'm looking for something to wear through the mess of it all. But oh well, I find things I have not seen in AGES and then yeah. Feels like new clothes again :p

I went on a little shopping spree on ASOS the other day. I'm getting two packages this week hopefully. Spent a shameful amount of money, I think I will try on the clothes and if I really can't see myself wearing it no matter how nice, I will return them. Yes, that would be the right thing to do. WHY the hell am I even spending all this money that isn't even mine yet?! zzz rubbish! Lousy girl Amelia, lousy lousy lousy!

zzz Okay, I think I will read some business finance, make lunch, talk to mumsie, procrastinate till dinner, read a little more (LOL) and then shower and SLEEP and then wake up to a lovely new day!



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