Monday, January 3, 2011

Start of a new year.

Hello wello people! :)

So, here are what I'm expecting of 2011.

First, I'm going to make sure I drop one or two dress sizes. Sure, I'm ultra comfortable in my skin at the moment and if it was up to me I wouldn't be bothered to lose weight but it's difficult to look nice in anything that I wear and I'd sure like it if my thighs weren't touching each other everytime I walked. It's quite gross tbh and I'd like to change that. So, I'm going to record my weight down every week just to keep myself up to date. I'll be starting after my mom leaves so that means next week on the 10th of January 2011. I'll take down my weight then and start my healthy weight loss programme. Also, I wanna make sure I look good when I head out. Make an effort to dress properly, have my face done, excel with eyeliner and the works! :p

Second, I want to focus more on university. Whether it's studies, lectures and exams or extra activities. I need to be more focused and hardworking and active. I've got exams coming up this month and I'll only have a week to revise which basically sucks but I will try my hardest!

Third, I want to be happy, less stressed and more forgiving. Forget the people who piss me off, who don't treat me right. Don't wallow in anger and self-pity. Rejoice, live life as it's supposed to be lived. Be happy for each day that comes by and be happy that I'm alive. Be optimistic, for everything that happens, happens for a reason and even if it's not good, something will always work out. I need to keep faith that something will work out even when it looks like the situation in unsalvageable. I need to be more patient, more kind, more understanding. I need to be nice.

Basically, these are the 3 main things I'd like to expect of 2011. Time goes by so quickly now a days so I'll have to act fast before the time runs out and 2012 comes and I realise I have not done anything I said I would.

Be strong, be positive, have faith and work hard Amelia. I'm counting on you.


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