Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love and other drugs.

I had just finished watching Love and Other Drugs starring the lovely Anne Hathaway and the more lovely Jake Gyllenhall (Excuse me, can't spell his last name for the love of all things good and I am too lazy to actually google it up. 1 point to laziness 0 points to Amelia.) but, it was a good movie. Heart warming definitely. I love sad happy love stories. I'm such a hopeless romantic. I say that I don't believe true love exists and that valentines day is a complete hoax but it doesn't mean that I don't like watching love stories or listening to people gush about their lovely other half. I like to think that maybe I am wrong, and I'd like to be challenged. I'd like to be proven wrong and that true love, through thick and thin through sickness and health and all those sorts,.. can actually exist. These sort of movies are that fantasy, that exact fantasy that true love may actually exist in this world that we live in.

I wish for good endings for myself, doesn't everyone? Sometimes in the midst of all these heartbreaks and loneliness, I'd wish my good ending came earlier. So my heart could be at peace knowing that one of my criteria of happiness would be fulfilled. (yes, I have a bunch of criterias -- don't we all? :P) I mean sure, it's good "experience" (as my mother puts it) to get to know different characters and all the quirks that different individuals have but I'd like to be with someone and know that he (or she. HAHAHAHAHAAHA uhm, totally joking.) will definitely be there for me, through thick and thin. Someone I can come home and talk about how my day is and he will calm me down when I am stressed and he will make me feel happy when I am down, or he could share my sadness and release some of the weight of my shoulders. Someone to share my problems with, someone who will keep me happy, someone to wake up to, not necessarily right next to me but in my thoughts .. that the first person in my mind when I wake up is him and not deadlines and money problems. I'd like that a lot. I  know I'm young and I've got a whole long way ahead of me for this good ending to appear, I'm just not at peace with my sense of loneliness and my wanting for something more at the moment. Maybe it's just a phase. It'll go away soon.

I hope. I think I just need somebody because I'm needy like that. Eurgh Amelia you disgust me.


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