Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No strings attached

So, I have not blogged in about a week! Well, hope about that. Sorry, to leave you for a week .. so much has happened I don't know where to start.

I know that today is Valentine's day. Throughout the day I have explained myself .. time after time .. to people who accuse me of being spiteful and jealous just because "I don't have a boyfriend". The thing is, I don't see the point in valentine's at all. Sure it's one day you express your love to your loved one. But, ask yourself this: Do you really need a day for something like that? Why can't you just express it whenever it feels right, whenever, however, whatever. You see, I don't celebrate valentine's day full stop. There's no other story to it. I'm not spiteful, I'm not jealous, I'm not being bitter. I want my boyfriend or my loved one to buy me gifts, to shower me with love whenever he wants and not because everyone else is doing the exact same damn thing. It's not special when everyone else is doing the same shit, having dinner, buying flowers, cards, balloons, soft toys blah blah blah.... what is the blinking point?!

14th of February to me, is just like any day. Regardless of whether I have a boyfriend or not. It's just a normal day. I will carry out my daily duties and I will explain to you when you tell me that I'm being jealous and that I could spend my valentine's with my parents because I don't have anybody to celebrate it with. I will explain to you, exactly how I explained it above. Respect my opinion like how I respect yours to conform to the fact that you need a special day to express what's in your heart.


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