Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'd wish you the best but.

Hello wello, I've got my nail painted a lovely shade of coral green, it's been ages since I've last had my nails painted. I've missed seeing them in colours really. I need to stop biting my nails :( I want long pretty nails to have a perfect manicure on. Okay challenge of the week: to stop biting my nails!

Yesterday, however shitty it started got an uplift. Meeting Remi's (one of my housemates) girlfriend, Yuka has been lovely! There are a bunch of things we can both relate too and it's great that sometimes in the midst of a very heated conversation, it's comforting to look across the table and catch eye with someone who feels the exact way that you do : confused with the conversation! haha :p It's funny because when I'm with my friends, we hardly talk about politics or history or the economy and maybe that's bad because when other people talk about it I have no idea what is going on. But these people, they get so passionate, heated about all of these topics. They debate and laugh and talk about these topics. Amazing.

Yuka made us some lovely japanese pork curry for dinner and it was yumz ! :) I made dessert: some choc chip nutella cookies and if i must say so myself, they were brilliant :D *shameless* after some wine (umeshu!) and painting our nails (Yuka and I, cause we are girly like that) we headed out to catch The Adjustment Bureau. I say, Matt Damon is my ultimate hero. I've watched him from his early films to what he does today and he is amazing. He can do everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alrighty then, I'd like to get some work done today. but first, food!


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