Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pretty baby,

This is a potrait picture of the 6 of us living in this house at the moment. All different from each other,  unique in their own way. If you listened to the conversations we all have with each other, hilarious stuff! I'm glad that after the last lovely house I was in, I got lucky and found a place with people I get along as well :) it's good stuff that. From the top left, clockwise direction: Me (obvs :P), Katharina, Hazal, Remi, Ignacio and Neil.

Anyway, I need to say this because this is my blog and I sure as hell have loads stuck in my heart/brain/who knows at the moment. I AM SMITTEN! I have not felt like this in the longest time. Heart racing, face blushing and everytime he walks into a room (that I am coincidentally in) I feel like hiding my face in my jacket/shirt/not be seen. I stutter, I can't speak, I have no opinion of my own when faced with this guy and Homgz T^T I feel so young again! hahaha teenage crushes FTW right? :)

It's been raining the entire day now and it's not even light rain. It's heavy shitty rain and it really dampens one mood. Also I don't feel like leaving the house at all T^T which sucks cause besides the bunch of assignments I have I actually have nothing to do hahah except sleep. I could sleep actually, I went to bed at 3am, woke at 5, slept at 6 and woke at 7 again SOOO I probably should sleep and help my eyebagz.

I don't know mannnnnn my stomach is still in knots trying to explain it self. AHHHHHHH hahahahahahah :)

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