Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Won't you come on over,

stop making a fool out of me.

Hello! :) I have not been blogging regularly. Bad Amelia. But anyway, I've been busy, with uni, travels, meeting up with people, alcohol.... ;) Just got back from a good weekend trip from Glasgow on Monday and spent yesterday with Diana, just chillin' and later today I will go out for dinner with my uni mates. Met up with Alice this morning and Becca too! Oh how I've missed that girl! T^T

Last week of school today! :D before easter starts. I leave for Italia on Monday! :D with Allisan and I'm pissing my pants with excitment! Really!!!! :D So much to do, I really hope we manage well!

Ahhh so far so good, I'm in a happy state at the moment and I don't want anything to change at the moment! let it stay the way it is. That would be the best! I've been such a happy girl these couple of days, its lovely lovely lovely.

Anyway, everyone should youtube Joseph Vincent's cover of Plain White Tee's Rhythm of Love. It's all I can listen to at the moment. It is amazing. Also worth youtubing would be: Moby - Temptation. Such good songs, such good lyrics. Ahhhh I love music :)

One more month till I turn 20! I know, some people will never understand why I love birthdays so much. I look forward to it every friggin' year! :D It's always a good day and I'm hoping this year would be no exception!!!!! I do wish I was home for it though, wake up in my own bed and be spoiled completely by my parents the whole day and get to eat some good home cooked food. Chloe and Becky will be there.... Gahhhhhhhh Oh well, it will be just as good here I know :)


Sitting in my room, waiting for time to pass by, singing at the top of my lungs to The Zutons - Valerie. Cause, I'm kool like that. hehe *blush* hahahaha

Looking forward to dinner. Also, I have the cutest shirt on today! it's a cartoon chicken! :D

Also, got another hair cut while in glasgow. Got a blunt fringe, finally. Also, will be the last haircut in a while. I WANT LONG HAIR NAO!

just incase you guys forget my FACE HEHEHEH


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