Saturday, March 26, 2011

I love

New favourite self portrait atm! :D

 I love, the smell of fresh laundry. I love, the smell of my hair after a nice hot shower. I love, cuddling and waking up cuddled, all warm and lovely. I love, good food. I love, food in general. I love, getting texts and being remembered. I love, long lazy days, snuggling in bed with a cozy duvet and sufficient tea. I love, finishing something and feeling accomplished. I love, being needed. I love, birthdays. I love, good music. I love, good long one-on-one talks. I love, laughing.

Ah! such a good day today! exactly what I needed. Spent the morning sleeping, and the afternoon sleeping. Completely caught up on my sleep debt so that's good. Diana came by bearing yummy food for lunch, mac&cheese is always satisfying. So is talking for a bit laughing and ahhh :) She's going home soon (sunday) and I am too jealous! I'd love to be going home too but meh, can't have everything in life (which sucks.)

I need to seriously sit my bum down and pack for Italy. Maybe Sunday, even though I'm leaving on Monday. I've been soooo lazy to pack! I don't want to think about what I can bring to wear :( So much to pack and to think about. But I shall do that ASAP on sunday!

I'm the only one on my floor tonight (and tomorrow night) so that sucks :( Sunday, the house will be more filled with only Ignacio not here, so that will be nice. So not used to the house being quiet! It's been nearly a month since I moved in! Amazing or whut! I can honestly say I've become quite comfortable here and been able to get along with everyone so that makes me happy :)

So, I'll blog again before I leave.

mwah x

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