Monday, May 30, 2011

And you're happy now.

Things I wish for this summer since last summer I spent most of my time crying and wishing I was dead (really, really badly):
  1. Lose weight-- obviously cause I'm a whale hello? And I wanna start my 3rd year looking good lol. So this means: Shahbandaring and cutting back on portions! 
  2. Not fight with my parents at all. -- Might not be seeing them again in December cause I've got plans to go on a road-trip in Deutschland so it'll be the whole September - June again without coming home. Gotta cherish the time I can have with them yo!
  3. Not get into any car accidents-- I've actually felt like I've forgotten how to drive?! Haha, quite scary actually. I keep seeing myself parking a car but it just doesn't make any sense (-_-) 
  4. Be happy. -- self-explanatory. Just to be happy and take things as it comes and goes. Should always be in smiles and etc.
  5. To be more social -- this will be different because I've never been the kind who was social but this year, I've learned to be a little more social. Ummmmm yeah. Need to stop avoiding people lol. 
  6. WATCH HARRY POTTER N BE SUPER ENTHU -- another self explanatory thang. Hee hee hee 
  7. Spend more time outside of my room/be active!!!!!! -- go to the beach, bring my dogs out, visit people, etcetcetc... 
  8. .... cook for the family and friends! :D HEHE 
About it really lol. Last summer was really shit for me. So much drama and tears and deadly thoughts. Horrible summer. But this year, 2011, summer will be good. I can feel it. I'm already a different person. Sooooooo let's hope for the best.

Meanwhile, Business Law, Management Accounting and Financial Accounting. Bring it on then I'm done with my 2nd year. BOOOOOYAH!


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