Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weird behaviours..

Okay, one thing that I have realised about myself in this 20 years of living in this world. I am weird. In a lot of ways. There are a bunch of things that I do, that will only sorta make sense to me (and I am sure, to a few other individuals in the world). For example, I have a habit of using only one cup in the house. One specific cup, I won't use any other cup, and I will freak out if I see someone using my cup. For me, my cup is that huge pink one with Marie (the disney character/cat) as seen in the picture in the posts below.... but yeah. That's one of my weird habits.  It's the same as seating arrangements. I like sitting in one particular seat, so at every dinner meeting etc I will sit where I sit. So I always end up putting my phone (something that belongs to me) on that seat prior to the table being set. SORRY I LIKE A LITTLE ROUTINE IN MY LIFE. lol

But one thing that is horrible is me and my obsession with ONE particular type of food. Last summer, when I went home, I was obsessed with Wa Tan Ho. I'm not joking. For the 3 months I was home, at least 2 months, was spent eating wa tan ho 3 times a day. With roast pork, with seafood, kosong.. whatever. As long as it was wa tan ho. I was content. My mom grew sick of wa tan ho really. And I eventually did too. But I do things like that. It's weird haha. At the moment it is marmite and butter on toast. I am obsessed with marmite at the moment. I can even eat it out of the jar. lol.

I think you should try some marmite today (if you haven't/ if you didn't like it the first time round -- you probably ate it wrongly!!!). Have it on toast with a fruitful amount of butter and just a light spread of marmite. You will (hopefully) love it! :D or stir it in some plain rice porridge, even better! lol.

Ah marmite my love, I can only eat you for the next two weeks at most. Cause confirm, i won't be having much of you back in brunei :(


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