Friday, May 6, 2011

But I found out

(Yesterday/ 050511)
Yeah, still having fun. Today I am just tired from not getting all my sleep last night. Tossing, turning, bad dreams. So tiring. Tomorrow, Sinda's birthday so there's another party going on. Gonna be baking another cake! Had a go at a rainbow cake for Katha's birthday;

And my first time too! Was so nervous when Katha began cutting the cake cause I didn't know how it was gonna turn out. So lucky :p I wish we had better food colouring and that the colours could have come out a little more nicer, a little more vibrant.. This whole cake took about 4 hours to make -- so worth it though.

(Today -- 060511)
This afternoon Imma be trying to make my first cheesecake! White chocolate Raspberry cheesecake! :D excited.

Yesterday was absolutely lovely! Spent the day out and about in Uni and at night, a whole bunch of us went out to the Brazillian BBQ place, pricey but totally worth it. And about 3-4 hours just sitting down eating and talking and laughing. Really, the simple pleasures of life *heart*

Today, Ignacio will be cooking dinner and yay! Out tonight to watch a beatbox competition?! Don't know if that's what it is even :p but whatevs, good times good times people.

I would say this part of my life at the moment is perfect :) Happy most days.. it's great! Oooh also, only woke up at 11.45am today! Amazing or whut! had a wacky absurd dream but nothing bad and didn't see faces I didn't want to... Hehe :)


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