Monday, May 2, 2011

Smile pretty for me.

I'll talk about manners. I may be a bitch, I may be a crybaby, I may be a horrible person but I know what I'm not. I'm not a person without manners. I have manners and I use them. I was brought up with manners. To learn to say thank you and please, hello and how do you do. I don't understand how, in this time of age that there are still people who have no manners whatsoever. Who do we blame? The kid or their parents? It's all over, in books, in movies etc and yet, these people can't learn manners. You grow up with manners, and even if you didn't pick it up as a child, growing in the world will. I guess, it does depend if they are willing to use their manners or not .... It is amazing. I think out of the many countless things that I dislike, I really cannot stand people without manners. Like, I-wanna-bash-your-head-and-shoot-you-twice-in-your-eye kind of cannot stand. Grr.

Annoying matters aside, this weekend has proved to be an amazing expensive and fattening one. I am at the moment, so very low on funds and very high on weight. In other words, I'm broke and fat. It's great!

I have gotten a little bit better at socialising me thinks. Don't know if it's good or bad. I've got exams in 3 weeks! and I've not revised at all. Screwed or not?

Get your game together Amelia, stop having too much fun!


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