Saturday, May 14, 2011


"Lacking in everything but body fats and complaints." (LOVE THIS QUOTE AT THE MO, SO TRUE! lol)
Anyway, hello, and good day :)




Numbered my pictures for easy commentary.

1. Celebrating Sinda's birthday. I made the raspberry white chocolate cheesecake for her which was a success! :D
2. Went out the same night for some dubstep. It's was quiet, as in not too many people turned up but it was still a good night never the less. Walked home in a heavy downpour. That's me and Hazal who's leaving Aberdeen for good back to Turkey on Tuesday so we're having a goodbye party for her on Sunday.
3. Tried out indoor climbing which completely failed cause we went in a big group and because it was the weekend, they didn't allow so many beginners to be there at one time. Managed to wear the full gear and tried climbing up once (and reached the top!) but got SO freaked out at coming down, was literally shaking and my heart rate increased like three times! But it was quite fun, and definitely adrenaline triggering.
4. Getting ready to head out for Dinner with Alice, Scott and Becca. :) it was good, some spanish food and starbucks... with talks about everything and nothing under the roof.
5. My lappy and phone on my cuppycake tray holder and my raybans. Loves it. Love my duvet too, soooo comfy. Major love. Especialy on a cold day, all snuggled under my duvet with music streaming from my pig. Super love.

I'm going to concentrate on consolidating accounts today cause it's 40% of my financial accounting paper and god knows I need so much help on that part. Gah. Why are things so complicated to understand? zz Hate exams. Hate it to the very core.

Made mushroom soup yesterday and it's my second time making it. The first time I've ever made it, it was too salty. Still good, but definitely too salty. This second time though, it was nearly perfect if I must say so myself. Could be more fine, should have liquidised it a little more but apart from that. I think it was good enough :p I also made some baked rice with chicken and vegetables and it was decent. hehe :)

I love cooking! I do, it's therapeutic and it makes me happy, calms my mind. I wish I could just cook all the time. Really.


p/s Kid Cudi ft Kanye West & Common - Make Her Say. is currently my fav. song. So catchy! :)

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