Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Skinny Love

It was just a matter of time before I used that as my title. Such a good song by Bon Iver. Please listen to is. Clara C does a really good cover on youtube as well. :)

Hello Wello, I wanna update with pictures to make it colourful and all that jazz but unfortunately the internet router is a little wonky and none of the laptops in the house will detect the internet soooo it's quite sad for me really.

Good news, /Updates on my weight loss thang. At the moment standing at 56.5kgs! (^_^) Yes, I am happy about the weight going down although at the rate I am eating atm, I'm not surprised if I gained some also. But from 58.8kgs, I'm lost about 2kgs! So I'm happy. Hoping for a kilo a week. Only 6.5 more kgs to lose before hitting my ideal weight!

Anyways, haven't done much .Been spending a good amount of time with LoMl, Chloe because that girl is leaving next week and I won't be seeing her for another year :( :( :( Hate how fast time passes by now. Really sucks balls.

OKAY hate typing on the desktop computer and the screen is too far from my face so I can't even see the screen. zzz Also, I'm totes allergic to my glasses here in the horrible weather. Keep getting rashes in between my eyes cause of the heat and sweat stuck between my glasses and my skin. ZZZZ so I have to wear contacts all the time. SIEN

/I told you to be patient and I told you to be kind./

I hope the internet problem solves it self in due time.


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