Sunday, June 26, 2011

Never, not in a million years.

I haven't got anything in my head to type down. Like, I do, I guess but nothing substantial. I have tons of random thoughts  squirming and swimming around but that's about it. Little fragments of rubbish just stuck there. Don't know where to go, don't know what to do.

Here are snippets of what's going through my head.

1) Why are you such an asshole?
2) I am excited to see you.
3) I should stop being a lazy bum and start on it soon. I've only got 4 days anyway.
4) Why are you not replying me fools?
5) I need a haircut.
6) I need to dye my hair again.
7) Why am I not losing weight quickly enough?! ffffuuuuuuu
8) I need to drink more water.
9) I need to sleep more.
10) I am sick of the world.


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