Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm in need of your love.

Hello Wello :) 

Will do a picture heavy post cause I realised I haven't been updating on my blog/ bout the things I've been doing. Hurhur

#1. Daddy got me a new Macbook Pro 15" cause I'm a blind mofo. He's name is Tristan, and yes I'm using him now.

#2. Here's a picture of Belle, Tristan and Scampy all sitting nicely in a row.

#3. Here's Nuryul and Diana with my over-heated car by the roadside. LOL. We were on the way to ILotus for breakkie before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. So proud of us/ instead of panicking, like how my mom would. We stopped and chilled out the car/ poured lots of water and everything was ok again. :P

#4. Us at breakfast, which was yummy. :p

#5. Yep, bestie and I got matching shirts. Griffindor (because I am a fan of the Weasleys) and Slytherin for Becky cause she's a die-hard Malfoy supporter.

 #6. One Sunday, we all decided to be spontaneous and went over to JP! We: Diana, Rebecca, Nuryul and I. It was AWESOME. We zorbed/ water zorbed/ bumper car-ed and ran around the playground like 5 year olds.

#7. Went to Nuryul's doa selamat where we had a lovely night, chatting, catching up some more, eating..

 #8. Saying goodbye to Nuryul. :) 
BABOON! IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU AND TO HANG OUT! Next year, we must do it again. :) 

#9. Me and my loverlies. 
This one is Melody. My princess *hearts*

And no reader of my blog is a stranger to Scamp my bb boy. *hearts*

Obvs, tons more pics la but blogger is being a real pain in the bum :( 

Everything else has been going just fine :) Update on my weight loss thang. It's going slower than I hoped for but at least I'm doing something. Ever since removing my verucca from my foot, I've been unable to wear covered shoes therefore disabling me from doing any exercise. :( 

So I started at 58.8 kgs, the last time I weighted (which was yesterday), I've managed to go down to 54.5kg. Which means I've managed to lose 4.3kgs! I'm still working at it. I have to lose 4.5 more kgs till my optimum weight! I CAN DO THIS! GAMBATE AMELIA (haha syiok sendiri). 

Last week, Thursday, I had another one of my faints during lunch time. (so embarassing). Becky and Amilyn were there to witness my whole embarassing moment. It was bad though, made them all (including my parents) worried sick and was rushed to the Emergency unit at RIPAS. They put a drip on me etc. My whole body was numb?! Like, really really "suan". The doctor has no answer to why I fainted this time although everyone including me, thinks that it's probs cause of my lack of blood. T^T I hope to God, this won't happen again. The waiters had to carry me down a whole stack of stairs and what not. Argh. Thinking of it makes me cringe. T^T 
I WANT TO ME HEALTHY DAMNIT. I'M ONLY 20 YEARS OLD. Why do I have a health system of like a 80 year old?!!!!! knn. hahahaha 

OH and I edited my first video EVA as well! 

Check it out. Haha, I'm so proud of myself. Took me about 4 hours on iMovie figuring how to work everything. I'm thinking of doing videos regularly. I've got an idea in my head. but we'll see. 

Right now I'm down with a nasty sore throat and flu so I sound like a man. 

Okay, END. This blog post feels like it's all over the place. MY APOLOGIES! hehe 


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