Monday, July 4, 2011

Late at night.

I think I'm getting better. I think I tell myself I'm getting better.

And then I get people who tell me shit that I hate about myself.

Then everything just doesn't make sense anymore.

Does that mean I am a bad person, through and through?

Should I just stop lying to myself?

I sincerely hope that heaven and hell doesn't exist. I sort of just want to die now just so I can find out. I hope when I die, I find peace and quietness. I just want  to lay and not be bothered or be bothering anyone. I feel like being on this earth, it's not easy y'know. So much shit is done on this earth. I don't understand how it should be used to determine if one goes to heaven or to hell ???! Do you get me?????

Excuse my rambling. It's just I've got 2 people who's told me this year how horrible I am as a person.

2 people! That's more than 1. How many people have told you that you're a horrid human being?

M@#R@*#R@&^#T#T@(*&^@*(#$%UI$@%^!@!*@7 I feel so bad for people who have had the unfortunate luck of meeting me. Maybe the next time somebody meets me/ I hope they run me down with a car or something. (Also please properly run me down dead/ don't want to end up like paralyzed or some shit)

Make the world a better place.

I should start a label called self-loathing.


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