Sunday, August 21, 2011

For the first time.

Hello my dearest darling blog thst's been with me since 2006. It's been 5 years and I'm so darn glad that I've got you to write all my feelings and thoughts and memories in you. Best decision ever, bytes-infinitum.

I'm going to privatise you, just for my eyes because there's no point for anyone else to be reading you really. Gives people more to talk about. I'm the only one who ever goes through my archive to see what I used to do/ how I used to feel like etc, and I want to be able to write freely and without people judging me.

I miss writing about what I used to do every single day. I've obviously changed since 5 years ago, some for the better, some for the worst.. I've grown up a bunch, I'd like to think. I will start again though, recollecting my days with pictures and my thoughts.

So, for the mean time you'll be for my eyes only and I somehow, find that very comforting. These days, I'm taking a break from all things social. I'm leaving my cell phone switched off, I'm taking a break from twitter (who knew I'd have the power to do that since I'm such a twitter-holic) , and Facebook. Cause Facebook is the root of all thing evil, gossip, etc, I'm going to keep away from Facebook for as long as I can. I am even thinking of disabling my Facebook. Actually I think I've made up my mind while typing this, I'm going to disable my facebook. Sent out fb mails to those to matter, and the rest, well, fuck all of them. Well, yeah.

So here's to you and me. I'll be writing a lot more often than I usually do. I always feel like there's so much i can't say cause of the eyes that would be able to read you. But, no more. No more..

Lots of love,

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