Monday, August 8, 2011

Please come in.

I've been wondering. I think I am the sort of girl who pushes people away when they show the first signs of being nice. Or like, when people offer to get to know me, I run. Fast. It's like I can't stand anyone who's nice to me. Like, I think it'll go awry or something. Make me dinner, I run. Be polite, I run. Look good, I run. Smile, I run. I think I've gotta stop doing that. Maybe I should hang around a little more, and not be so scared to get to know people who are trying to get to know me. Why am I so rude? Why am I so, anti-social? Most importantly, why am I so scared of letting new people into my life?

I'd like to know the answer. It's a bad habit. One that I must correct before I regret anything.

Anyway, bought some Soy Flaxseed Tortilla chips from Supa Save today and I really really like them! They would go so well with some good ol' guacamole with loads of lime.. mmm ....

Also, went to Shahbandar with Angel and we were terrified of the pack of monkeys we had to walk past. We were practically clinging onto each other for dear life (I exaggerate of course.) But it was scary. Felt like we were in the planet of the apes or something.

Tomorrow's the day! I hope it goes well!!!!! 3xcit3!!!!!!!!!!

Argh gonna go drown myself in some more soy flaxseed chips cause I'm horrible like that. Also, I'm kind of pissed off because some people are such assholes, i wonder how they sleep at night.

hah! Emotional eating... you will be the death of me and my ever-expanding waist line.


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