Friday, August 26, 2011

Sunshine and dribble.

Scampy and I in some super vain chillin' moments. I love my dog. I wish I could do a webcam picture taking session with Melody. She's so understated on my blog. My princess :*

Anyway, had an uber super day with Diana :) Eating and talking and watching Conan the Barbarian. I like big beefy guys. Sue me! It was a good film anyway, just a little too violent etc but it was still good. Had popcorn which completely sucks because I am supposed to be a skinny bitch but argh, so tough when the popcorn is so good. Too good to pass. True story.

Daddy bought me a lovely pink pair of headphones which are uber comfortable. They're knockoffs of Monster beats by Dr.Dre and eventhough they are knockoffs, they are in the loveliest shade of baby pink and costed daddy a good 200 bucks. I am so :( for him cause they're not even the real thang. But they work well. If I put it on high, I can't even hear my self talking so hee-hee.

Sometimes i get this realization that I am so blessed to have my parents. They love my unconditionally. They never tell me they wish they had a son, I have a mother whom I can tell everything to and a father who spoils me unconditionally. I am just so blessed. I'm so happy to have them as my parents although sometimes they do get on my nerves (which parents don't right?).

Tomorrow, heading out to sungkai with mommykins at i-Lotus! Nice to spend some quality time with her.


p/s I am feeling very happy today (:

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