Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here I am.

Scampy boy and I <3

Lifesaver. Really.

Mommy dearest

Pretty Pretty (:

Golden Couple.

B) hehe

Just a few picture to sum up my past week. Met up with the Golden Couple today and if I could wish eternal happiness to only one couple in my life, I'd wish it to them. They clearly belong to each other. They're so good for each other. They make me believe that there's someone out there for me. Like, one day I will meet a guy who is perfect for me. I love hanging out with them, they're so.. fun.

We had indian and then some pearl milk tea. Hung out from 2.45 all the way till 6.30! Can't believe we had so much to talk about, we didn't even notice it was 6.30pm already until I started noticing it was getting dark outside :p

Shim recommended me to sell my clothes on eBay! According to him, he's earned about £100+ from it already and it's a great way to sell off clothes we don't want anymore! I'm going to try it as soon as I return back to the UK. Better than simply just throwing away all my clothes! Might as well make some money out of it. I'm just really scared that nobody will want to buy my clothes :( Haha. Will see how it goes.

Argh the internet is so bad in Brunei. One of the things I will definitely not miss when I return to the UK.


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