Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thank you

Today, I spent a lovely dinner and shopping spree out and about with Diana. We talked, we shared, we laughed, we ate .. it was good. She never fails to make me feel alright about myself. Really. I vow thatI will treat Diana better, I will control my temper and laugh when I usually would frown and rage.  I will give her the friend she deserves.

We had dinner at Kaizen in Bandar and it was lovely! The fish and sushi and nomz. Loved it, after which we headed down to Times Square to go shopping and came out spending shitloads of money. (i.e about 100Brunei- which is a lot considering I don't have that much money on me). Bought myself my first ever BB Cream, more nail polishes, eyeliners and make-up removers. Why Amelia!! haha. I have an obsession with sparkles at the moment. So anything glittery, sparkly, especially in nail colours. I will buy. (-_-) It doesn't help that I've stopped biting my nails so now I can haz nice long nails too which looks great with nail varnishes. Gah. And Eyeliners. Finally found the perfect eyeliner T^T by Maybelline, called Hypersharp Liner and it's so good!! I'm planning to buy about 5 to bring back with me to the UK. Haha.

I can't wait to try on my BB cream! It looked so good on Diana when she used it. My complexion is decent, nothing to complain about. But, I'd like to have a real balanced nice-looking complexion and now I can with the help of my BB cream! I can haz nice skin and nice nails. Happy Amelia! :3

It's so funny how vain a person can be. I used to be vain when I was younger, constantly taking pictures etc. But I never imagined my self to be obsessed with eye-liner and trying stuff like BB creams out etc. Hehe AND COLOURED CIRLE LENSES! omg, livesaver. SERIOUSLY.

Meeting with the golden couple tomorrow (i.e Shim and Viv) so that'll be nice :) I've only got about 3 weeks here in Brunei left! better make it worth it. Gots to spend tons of time with mommy dearest :)

Things to do before I leave:
- Get a haircut
- Do my nails
- Buy things for Kristy and her family
- Finish off Allisan's Scrap Book
- Spend tons of time with mommy. I.e no more going out with friends etc after this week.
- Pack my bags/ buy required things
- Get a facial done.
- Try out my bb cream and if it's good buy another one/ if it's not-- look for a better one.
- buy 4 more Maybelline eye-liners

About it lol.


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