Friday, August 5, 2011


I've been trying every day to upload pictures that I wanna share on my blog but the insanely DUMBFUCK internet in Brunei is not making it happen. One thing that I will not miss in Brunei is definitely the shitty ass internet speed and maybe the really stupid drivers as well.

I mean seriously, my mom herself said that if I actually stayed in Brunei, half my face would be filled with wrinkles in a span of probably 6 months cause I get so frickin pissed off while driving. #roadrage. People never use their signals/ which means they just cut lines ANY FUCKIN' time they want/ go round the round-a-bout like a fucking dumbshitboss. People who go at 60km/h on the RIGHT side of the line/ not moving to the side even though the person behind is obvs super close to their backside/ being fucking ignorant about anyone else. People brake for no apparent reason at all/ when there is no cars in front of them/ when they brake just for fun/ fucking dumbshits/ when they brake on the RIGHT side of the road. These are the few that piss me off the most.

I'm not saying I'm the best driver ever. Heck. I'm not even saying I'm a good driver. But at least, I am a little more considerate of the other people who are driving around me/ I always signal/ I always move to the left when I see a fast car approaching from behind/ I only brake when I need to.

Another thing I HATE is the abundance of ROUND-A-BOUTS in brunei. Fuck, we are a small country. I swear we can win some kind of guiness world record for having the most number of roundabouts in a country. So annoying. Eurgh.



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