Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today, I'm spending it indoors with sweat pants on :D Initially, I was going to get my bum moving and into the library to do some work but I've gotten the message that I'm getting something delivered to the house today so I'll have to stay home in order to receive this package. How frustrating.

Tonight, I'm making Mushroom pasta bake for Alli, Diana and I as we commence our Xmas Holiday hotel reservation process. It looks like we'll be looking at about 12 hotels/apartments/hostels.... and that'll take us a while. On Monday, Allisan and I stayed up till 2am booking train tickets and figuring out our route. I'm so excited and glad to have a plan! Sort of a plan. It's confirmed though, definitely seeing as we already bought our air tickets, train and bus tickets. Omigosh. It's going to happen in 2 months! Alli, Amelia and Diana taking over Germany, Austria and Czech Republic! LOL

I'm going to clean my room and take some room pictures (cause I never find time to do this) and send them out to relevant people. I love my room! It's so comfy and pink and omigosh I really really love my room. And my bed too. But that's irrelevant to this completely :p

Alrighty then. Everyone! have an amazing wednesday and I hope wherever you are, you are experiencing better weather than we are in Aberdeen (4 degrees at the moment).


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