Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I like it like that.

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Well, hello there lovely people of the earth.

Last last weekend, the girls (i.e Allisan and Diana) and I headed for a nice girly weekend in Edinburgh. Edinburgh, to say the least is amazing. I love Edinburgh. It is beautiful, easy to get around, amazing food places around, shopping is easy .. the accent is really really easy on the ears.. and is only a stone throw away from Aberdeen. (I am totally exaggerating here, it is a 3 hour bus journey from Aberdeen but compared to a 12 hour one to London-- it would be considered a stone's throw.)

We managed to get a nice comfy with super super strong showers hostel place a little off the center with a 3 bed room and that fit us quite well! :) It was such a shame that my feet was still healing from a "little" encounter from super uncomfortable shoes and so I was flinching and screaming in agony a whole lot while using the shower. I LOVE STRONG SHOWERS. Like when it all comes full blast onto you? Ah.... loves it. Oh well. Whatever. What should be should be. :(

Anyway, the first thing we did after our feet touched the soil of Edinburgh was to do what any other normal people would do. SEARCH FOR FOOD! :D We'd already made reservations at The Mussel Inn and I'm so glad we did because that place is always packed with people which I'm not surprised by since the food is ah-ma-zing. I've been there with my mother once last year when she visited my for Christmas and has since fell in love with this place. Just to clarify, they do not just sell Mussels :p They do all sorts of seafood! (and a really really mean seafood linguine if I must say)

For 3 young ladies, we sure did order a hell load of food! First off, we had love crusty bread with butter and then the main courses: Mussels in our desired broth for Diana and Me and Baked Oysters for Allisan. We also ordered side dishes of Scallops, creamy seafood chowder and a bowl of fries to go with everything else. It was perfect. If you are a seafood lover, I really highly recommend this place. It's not too pricy and it is situated in the city center which makes it perfect for lunch to start a lovely shopping day or dinner to end a lovely shopping day (yes, I love shopping.). Either way, remember to make a reservation because this place always ends up being really full!

Diana starting with some Bread. Cause crusty bread and butter is the way to go T^T
Super hungry and excited for food!
Mmm... Lunch........ Seafoood........ NOMZ

 After a really satisfying lunch, we checked into our Hostel and continued to do some shopping, have some coffee.. it was raining the whole freaking day so that was kind of shit. But apart from that, shopping was lovely as always. Didn't do much, we only just went to Urban Outfitters and then stopped for some Costa. Met up with Remi and Yuka for some drinks at a bar and for dinner at my favourite Korean Restaurant : Shilla Restaurant. SERIOUSLY GUYS. If you ever go to Edinburgh..you NEED to try this restaurant out. Food is amazing. I love it. I love it. I love it sooooo much! Everytime I visit Edinburgh, it is a must go to place for lunch or Dinner or even both!!!!!! Not kidding. Lol. I have so much love for this place.

Diana and Remi

Yuka looking beautiful as always :)
 So the following day, we got up early and checked out and went for a SUPER LOVELY BRUNCH out of the city center. Had to take a taxi to get there but it was worth it. We went to TOAST. We did go a little early and they weren't open yet so we decided to take some pictures outside. Look we're sooo colourful! :D hehe 

I am SOOOOO addicted to glittery nails. Such a bitch to get it off but OMG SO FREAKING PRETTY! :P

After a lovely brunch, we had a really successful shopping session! Managed to buy soooooo many things I was looking for! Mainly stuff I have been lusting over over summer. Ie. Jeffrey Campbell's Lita, Nars Blush in Orgasm, M.A.C Lipstick in Morange, M.A.C Paint Pot in Ruebenesque, Clinique's All-About-Eyes Eye Cream and a few other facial things. Summer has made me all obsessed about beauty products. It's so unhealthy! Especially for my bank account! Grr :p

Oh oh and I've never really done an outfit of the day post but I'm going to start! hehe

Yellow cropped knit top with heart cut-outs : Jane Norman
High-waisted Moto dark blue denim :Topshop
Snood : River Island
Wedge Booties : Topshop
Red Jacket : Zara

Anyway, after our super expensive shopping session, we decided to call it a day and to go and have tea and we decided on the loveliest place called Eteaket and we had their afternoon tea which was super nice as well. if you are looking for a nice place to have tea at in Edinburgh, this can be the place! They have the cutest little cafe and they serve their tea in lovely vintage pieces and they are generous in portion size. We were all stuffed silly from this afternoon tea that we didn't even have dinner!

Basically all the food we had for 3 girls! hehe

That about sums it all from our Edinburgh trip. It was lovely, and very much needed. It's always nice to get away from reality for a breather and what better way than to have a nice girly weekend out of town simply eating, shopping and living life. :p

Wow this post took me longer than expected. Gots to get ready for Uni now! I've got tons to do today (sort of) but the weather is looking dull again!!!! Grrr.

Have a lovely day guys and hope you enjoyed this post!


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