Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I have neglected you for nearly a month my dearest blog. I apologize truly. I've been back in the UK and have been settling in just nicely. I've got the loveliest flat ever in Aberdeen with one of the most awesomenest flatmate a girl could have (ie Allisan) and I can't help but feel so happy and blessed about this. I come home everyday to a super nice smelling flat and a very comfy bed and a hot shower and an abundance of food to feed my hungry stomach and I really do not know how I got here. I am so happy about it.

Other than that, university has officially started and it has been pretty hectic already with workload piling high up and due dates etc all being set in stone. Dinner parties on the other hand, we've been having loads of that over at ours and it's so good, being able to cook and feed people. It's a little expensive so we're putting a little halt on it soon, not before we have our mexican night next week though. :)

Shopping, another lovely lovely expensive past-time it seems. I need to stop this pronto. Like, more actions less words please Amelia. :p

Allisan, Diana and I have bought our to and fro tickets for our Germany/Austria trip in December/January! it'll be 2.5weeks of winter goodness, celebrating Christmas hopefully in Vienna and New Year's hopefully in Berlin. We need to plan soon.

I'll be writing more often of course with pictures to boot.


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