Sunday, September 18, 2011

Come to the End.

Alas! All good things must come to an end and in my case, summer of 2011. This summer has been nothing short of perfect. It was, happy, peaceful.. a lot of time to chill out, have fun, smile.. It has been a great summer.

In this 3 months, I've managed to grow a little more. Learn a little more in this journey called life. Haha so corny wtf :p

Things I've managed to accomplish this summer.
  1. Lose weight. Nearly 6 kgs. 
  2. Stayed off meat since beginning of August. 
  3. Not get into a huge fight with neither of my parents (: 
  4. Managed to spend buttloads of time with mommy :) 
  5. Made peace with Patches the Cat. 
  6. Not cry. (except tonight and tomorrow-- cause I hate goodbyes.) 
  7. Not get into any car accidents! 
  8. Not fall in love. 
  9. Meet the ones that matter to me, and spent good time with them.
  10. To secure a place to live in Aberdeen over the means of internet and cell-phones.
  11. Got a new laptop :) 
  12. Got a new DS :) 
  13. Learn how to apply eyeshadow with just my fingers. LOL
  14. Bought BB Cream and Eyebrow palette.
  15. Fainted TWICE! and admitted into the Emergency ward. LOL 
  16. Happiness. 
Okay, so many of them are like just (~_~) but I'm really glad how these 3 months went by. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Okay, lie. Maybe I wouldn't have minded going overseas for some of the days. But it didn't happen. So it doesn't matter :P

All I know is I'm going to leave Brunei with a heavy heart. :'( And a very overweight luggage.


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