Wednesday, September 14, 2011


"Just keep breathing baby, it's just that simple."
- S04E12 True Blood, Said by Jesus to Lafayette when asked how is Lafayette supposed to live knowing he killed the man he loves. (ps it was unintentional since Lafayette was possessed by Marni the evil woman.)

Watched the Season 4 Finale of True Blood and it was heartbreaking. They killed some really good characters but what really is depressing is, now I have to wait till Summer 2012 for the 5th season which basically sucks. 

But, that quote at the top? That's my favourite quote of the moment! It's the truth. To just keep breathing, and everything will work out somehow, as long as we are alive...

Also sent my baby cousin off today and cried a bunch. I am going to miss that girl sososososoooo much! :( argh!

Nothing much really. Going to UBD tomorrow before 8am to catch Becky doing some debate action and then we're gonna talk a bit and sort things out. I'm nervous, finger crossed for me please! Haven't spoken to her in like a month! :x hmm..


Been having Each-A-Cup's pearl green tea in various flavours (my fav is Mango atm) every single day.

It's so good. I'm going to miss it.


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