Sunday, September 11, 2011

Can't keep my eyes off you.

Hello :) One more week in Brunei before leaving for the UK again! I've been eating, and eating, and basking (not really) in the sun. I'm definitely not going to miss this heat at all. For the first time in my 20 years of living in this world, my cheeks are inflamed with pimples and it is depressing as hell :( I have about 4 big yucky pimples on my cheek and they have the nerve to all be lined up in one straight line. I'm thinking it's probably from my glasses, since there's all that friction with sweat thanks to the heat. I've stopped wearing my glasses for a bit so fingers crossed that they will clear up soon!

Apart from that, spent the lovely day with Amilyn who's leaving on Wednesday and I am sad about this. This summer with her has been amazing, no fighting, a whole lot of laughing, I will miss her positive-ness and her cheerfulness and her ability to layan me anytime. She makes me happy, she does. I hope she studies well and is always safe in Malaysia. Really.

I've also got a whole list of things I want to buy as soon as I touch down in the UK. Which I know sucks considering I shouldn't even be over-spending. zzz I really should think about looking for a job. Argh! Probably not going to happen though cause I don't wanna be too busy "working". If y'know what I mean.  I am going to cut down on my food though, so hopefully instead of food money, I can use that money on things I want. OH. I can use them as motivators! Like, for every 1 kg I lose, I can buy something new. Hurhur.


Am I horrible? yes, I sure do think so.



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