Friday, November 11, 2011

Straight up.

Now tell me; do you really want to love me forever? or is this just a hit and run? 

Currently obsessed with J. Cole's Work Out. Such a good song!

There are two things I hate/abhor/detest the most when it comes to housework. I don't mind doing the dishes, I don't mind doing the laundry, I don't mind cleaning the toilet bowl or scrubbing the floor with wet towels.. the two things that I absolutely hate is 1) putting away dishes and 2) folding laundry and putting them back to where they belong. Okay, I think I'm okay with folding laundry, but putting them back to where they belong? oh my goodness. I'd rather scrub 4 toilet bowls. Seriously. There's a pattern though, I just totally dislike putting things back to their right place. I have this bad habit where I meticulously clear my room/desk up but give me 2 days at max and it'll look like it's been hit by a tornado (that is me) again. It's crazy annoying. Bad habit to not return things where they came from. Ugh. Totally dislike putting dishes and laundry away. Always try to put it off for the longest time. zzz

It's Thursday and so far this thursday has been treating lil' ol me alright :) The weather is gloomy, but it's been gloomy for a bit now, with the sun setting at 4pm again. I do miss the sun a little. Could do with a tan. The mornings are lousy as well, always grey and I wake up feeling like it's in the wee hours of the morning when in reality it's already 10am....... too much sleep = lazy Amelia. Hehe

All over Heart Printed Romper - Therapy 
Bag - Zara
Snood - River Island
Thick Cardi - Zara
Flats - Melissa 

I really enjoyed my outfit for that day. Comfortable and the weather wasn't too cold to be able to go out without a coat and thus explaining my thick cardi. It's great for the afternoon but at night it was far too cold.... lol 

 On my lips: Pink Topshop Lip Marker
Cheeks: Dolce Vita by Nars (favourite favourite colour ever!) 

If I'm not mistaken, these pictures were taken last wednesday. Had a lovely day albeit only having 2.5hours worth of sleep the night before I was pretty pumped up for the day and thus accompanied Allisan to class (I have no classes on Wednesday) and then headed out for a lovely day of shopping :) 

Love this girl to the max!!!!!

Hehe, we bought matching lippies! :)
My damage for that day.
There's something about shopping that just makes everything better. I don't know if it's the feeling of having new items or the thrill of just spending money. I don't know. I might have a problem... HAHA But no, I'm not that um.. incapable of controlling myself yet. On the contrary, I've just placed myself on a tight budget for the mean time in order to save some money up for the Christmas trip :)

One more day and the weekend will be here! I can't wait. I am feeling rather tired and sluggish and I have aches all over my body. Who wants to volunteer to give me a good back massage???? If I had longer hands/ more hands, I would totally just give myself one T-T I wish spas weren't so expensive here so I could go and indulge in one and have a facial and manicure while I'm at it. But alas! life of a student, not enough money to go around having spa weekends =/ The sad sad truth. :p 

Alrighty then, have a great weekend! Although, I am sure I'll be back here soon enough. 

Lots of love,

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