Friday, December 16, 2011


Oh my days! It is the 16th of December 2011, which means in approximately 6 hours, I will be leaving Aberdeen for Christmas Break! Allisan, Diana and I will be conquering Germany (Dusseldorf, Koln, Munich, Numberg, Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin-- where we we'll be spending New Years), Austria (Salzburg and Vienna-- where we will be spending Christmas) and Czech Republic (Prague). A little excited to say the least, totally not prepared though, have not finished packing and before I do, I had to blog! Last blog post of 2011, and I have to say that 2011 has been an AMAZING year so far. Dare I say, best year of my life so far? YES.

So, here goes. My obligatory list of things-I-have-done-in-2011. LEGGO!
  1. Turned 20 years old and had an amazing time doing so.
  2. Finished 2nd year of University and started my 3rd. 
  3. Visited various places in Italy, went to Oslo, and took the bus down to London a fair few times, Various places in Germany, Salzburg, Vienna and Prague.
  4. Moved on from a past relationship-- did it properly, with closure and dignity! (not really lol) but nevertheless moved on, and learned that things really do happen for a reason.
  5. Met someone, and even though it is only the beginning, he makes me so very happy, I can't believe it! Truly. :)
  6. Got a new phone-- the Samsung Galaxy S2 (White), new laptop/ The macbook Pro 17" and new DS/ Nintendo DSi XL (Mario Kart version).
  7. Moved into a beautiful flat with a beautiful person.
  8. Learned that I only need people who need me in my life and therefore had done a massive update on my friends. Learned that I have to be careful with the ones I call friends. 
  9. Took up climbing-- and enjoyed it! I can totally see myself doing it in a long run! Finally a sport that Amelia doesn't suck in! 
  10. Have taken an affinity to make-up and is now completely obsessed with all things make-up. My favourite things at the moment are: Bronzers, Highlighter and Blushers (more exactly -- Nars Dolce Vita is a dream!) 
  11. Did not have a single falling out with anyone I deem important in my life. 
  12. Lost 7 kilos over summer and while I am slowing putting it back again this Christmas, I have plans for the new year! Watch me :) 
  13. Grown up! I think I have matured a whole lot in 2011, thanks to certain situations and people.  I have chosen to growTFU. :) 
  14. NOT GET INTO A CAR ACCIDENT! omg, so proud. 3 months of driving and  not one single car accident k :D ehee
  15. Been happy. And I enter 2012 with hopes of staying happy. Remember, you can always choose to be happy regardless of the situation. Happiness is a choice and a decision. 
So far, that's about all I can remember. I hope everyone had a good 2011 and that you will enter 2012 with happiness and faith that the world can be a good place (sometimes -- LOL). May your hopes, faith and dreams never deter.. and that everyone have a great Christmas and a very very lovely New years celebration (and year).

I will be seeing yous all sooner on this blog. I have a few resolutions for the new years and yes, *rolls eyes* lol, losing weight and blogging more is on the list too. I know, I know. :p I will try my best though.. honest!

Here are some pictures from Allisan and I's Christmas dinner a couple nights back :) It was lovely seeing everyone just before the holidays!


Lots of love,
Amelia. xxxxxx

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