Monday, January 9, 2012

Live your Life.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL! :) First post of 2012, took me long enough huh, more than a week. I only just got back to good ol' Aberdeen on the 5th. So... in all my late glory, I'm not actually that late :p We left Berlin on the 3rd after having a lovely new years celebration there and was stuck in London for nearly 2 days thanks to the lovely British weather. But I'm not complaining though, we were given a lovely room in the Hilton with breakfast and dinner so... in all hindsight, it was definitely a blessing :D The next day however, we were left in the queue to re-book our flights for about 5 hours and while we were in the middle of the queue, we were approached by a guy who took our names down and got us flight back to Edinburgh! Lucky or what! :)

So anyway, we made it to Edinburgh with the wind in our hair and was glad to find out that we could still use our train tickets back to Aberdeen since the train was also cancelled the day before. So, we made it back to Aberdeen safe, sound and incredibly tired on the 5th.

The past 3 weeks have been absolutely mind-blowing, and all those blood, sweat and tears are definitely worth all the fun, interesting, educational experiences. I cannot explain just how much I love travelling. There's something about waking up to a different city every other day. Something about waking up knowing that you'll be able to discover a whole new foreign piece of area, try something new to eat, take pictures of beautiful landmarks, shopping... everywhere.. It's amazing with 3 girls traveling in a group. We manage to go shopping everywhere. We'll find something to buy. Lol. Even in a supermarket. Never ever walk out empty-handed. So dangerous. Seriously.

But, no, traveling is amazing. I love it. I don't think I'd ever stop traveling. I hope I'll be able to do it for life.

I must say that my favorite place this trip has been Dresden, Germany. It is freaking gorgeous! We didn't know what to expect of the place since we didn't really do any research on the places we were going to visit but Dresden, blew me away. I was literally gaping in awe at the beauty of the place. It was breath-taking.

Some of the pictures.. but no, really. If you ever go to Germany, please make a stop at Dresden. You will not regret it.

Anyway, my resolutions for 2012? There are a few things I have to do and remember.

  • Be happy. Stay happy. 
  • Remember that I am a very blessed and lucky girl.
  • Remember to not take everything and everyone for granted. You are blessed and lucky for having all these people and things in your life. Appreciate them.Tell them I love them and that I'm happy that they are in my life. [YOU GUYS KNOW WHO YOU ARE LOR. hehe, I should have told you already ;)]
Basically, those things. :) I mean I can go into a steady paragraph about how I need to lose weight (again) but I shan't. Not this time round. Action before words this time! hehe. OH and I hope to blog regularly. Not everyday, but always every couple of days. And to take pictures all the time so I can have a recollection of the year :p

Exams are in a week. 3 papers in 4 days. I'm a little worried maybe? but no point worrying lah. Just need to stop procrastinating and get some work done. I start fo' realz tomorrow! He he and then it's Chinese new year! :D excite. I love CNY. I love yee sang and fortunately, so does my awesome flatmate/Allisan so we're looking for places online where we can order yee sang in. We have plans for a steamboat for the eve of CNY. So that's definitely something I'm looking forward to :) I love steamboats and I love gatherings and I love CNY so however you look at it, it'll be a win-win situation. Lol. Haha



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