Friday, February 17, 2012

Lost and Insecure,

You found me, you found me. 

All the different-ish hairstyles.
I can't wait for my hair to grow long again! I want to have long hair that I can tong and straighten and put up into a nice bun. Soon, Amelia, soon.

You know how you get some days where things just aren't going right for ya? I think today's one of those days for me. From the first thing in the morning, getting my results (not bad, did better than I expected but still..), not having enough energy in the gym and thus doing less than expected, discovering a huge burn on my chest that stings and hurts every time I move (I've got paracetamol for that now), and realizing that I have not lost any weight at all despite going to the gym regularly for the past 2 weeks and working my butt off. I don't see no difference, I think my jeans are getting tighter. Why. why. why.

Okay, maybe things aren't so bad as I make them out to be. In retrospect, today is just like any other day really. Just that I'm feeling really shit today, I have a feeling my best friend is coming to visit me soon and thus all these lousy mood swings and hunger pangs are hitting me so very badly. Need to control my PMS. Seriously. People around me don't deserve all this negativity especially the boyfriend. Poor boy don't know what's going on and I don't know how to explain. It sounds like such a shit excuse as well, doesn't it. "Oh, it's PMS." So easy to blame it on PMS. But I know it is though, see my face is popping up with so many pimples it's atrocious. Ugh.

Anyway, this weekend should be lovely. Not because Allisan won't be home with me (she's off to visit her super cousin in Shakespeare's hometown-- and I'd love to go with her if I didn't have finances to worry about) but because I've got a weekend filled with promising agendas. For example, tonight, B is coming over and we will watch love stories together, and I assume he will be quite bored but he says we can do anything and I really feel like I wanna sob my heart out so I will do just that. Tomorrow, I've got swimming in the morning and the girls are coming over at night because I'll be making some pasta (I'm thinking chicken and mushroom cream sauce with tagliatelle) and then we're going out for a night out to release some stress all these results are causing us-- and by us and I mean me. Lol. On Saturday, I'm going to sleep in (for the first time this week! Been waking up at 7 every morning for either gym or swimming) and then go ice-skating with some of the girlies at 12pm! hehe and then spending the rest of the day with my favourite boy in the world <3! Sunday, sleep in again and then Allisan comes home and we watch The Eye (most likely-- lol) and then we gym at night and will sleep and Monday will come soon enough.

I'll take loads of pictures this weekend, hopefully :) 

Hope y'all have a lovely weekend!!!!!

Lots of love
Amelia X

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