Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh, it is love.

Hello wello! How's everyone doing? It's so quick, blink of the eye and it's mid-February already. Where is all this time going to??? Been absolutely busy with all sorts of nonsense. Some of the things I've done includes joining the gym and swimming pool, been to Edinburgh with the love, made sure I've got somewhere to live next year (I do! I do! Hehe), celebrated Chap Go Meh with a lovely meal, uni work... etc.

So here are some pictures to re-capture some of the moments :P I've lost my typing mojo at the moment. I'll get it back soon enough.


With Cheryl and Sinda!

Diana and Allisan

Best Flatmate award!

Our dishes: Three Roast, crispy salted chicken, Ma Po Tofu (new favourite -- except it can be a little too spicy) and fried bak choy with garlic. YUM. Oh also had some vegetable soup with salted eggs.

Outside our favourite chinese restaurant in Aberdeen :P



Being silly on the train :p

Yumyum Mussels galore.

Korean food!

Pa Jeon <3

I had a clam stew while he had a Kimchi stew. Both were super yums!
I always make it a priority to stop at Shilla's whenever I am in Edinburgh. I love that place!!!! I seriously think it has one of the best Korean food in the UK-- although, I might be wrong as I've not been to many in the UK, but so far.. this place tops it all for me. It is so far my favourite restaurant in the UK. Really and truly. If I could I would go to Edinburgh weekly just to eat here. SERIOUSLY. No joke man. Hahahah #over

It was really nice in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, they're digging up most  of Princes St. atm to make way for the tram so it's a little unsightly but apart from that, we had a lovely day. Okay, the weather was shit and I wore the wrong jacket. But still! Nothing hot chocolate can't fix :P


QT pie
How cute are her nails? DIY leh. PRO!

My super awesome Clam pasta dish.

I think Allisan had a lovely chicken bake penne thang.

Crispy noodles. Yumyumyum
Super awesome juicy prawn wantans.

haven't done an  OOTD in ages so here goes.
Brown Knitted Top: TopShop
Black Shorts: Primark
Red Sneakers: Converse
Black Knitted Snood: ASOS
Jacket: Khujo (my favourite atm, got it in Germany ^_^)

And yes, that's my new camera! hehe Still learning all the functions. Will be wanting to take nice pictures ASAP so look out for nicer looking photos :P


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sorry. Couldn't help it. Got this bunch load of photos in my phone/camera. WHY LET IT GO TO WASTE. LOL At least I will remember how I look like when I look back.... :P

OH and last but not least...

Look what came in the post??? HAHAHAHA All the stamps are 20 cents worth! Covered the entire back of the envelope. Definitely made my day :P I asked my dad why so funny and he said, "Fit for a princess mah". WHUT? LOL so cute. I miss my parents too much.

KK. Picture overload, I know and I'm sorry :P will update more often so there's not too much pictures in one go :P

Okay. 11PM and I've got 1 seminar to finish before I can crawl into my super awesome comfy bed and sleep.

Have a lovely week y'all!

Lots of love
Amelia X

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