Thursday, March 22, 2012

Valentines 2012

Okay, as the date in the picture depicts, and the title of the post obviously, I'm going to re-call my 2012 Valentines day. It was a lovely day, what's not to love about it all? Great food, a super beautiful date and lovely banter.

So, my friends (and some loyal readers-- lol) would know that I, Amelia Lau, doesn't celebrate Valentine's day at all. Unfortunately for me, Valentine's day seem to always have really good dinner set deals and so I ventured out with my loveliest friend and flatmate, Allisan for some delicious French cuisine at Cafe MontMarte. I've been to this place a fair few times, my 19th Birthday, when my parents dropped me off at the residential halls for the last time.. and now for my 2012 Valentine's.

The Valentine's Menu started off with a nice sparkling champagne that was easy on the throat and a few delicious canapes to share. If my memory doesn't fail me, I think we paid £36 for a 3 course meal with coffee/tea after the meal and champagne and canapes and bread in the beginning. I love bread in the beginning of the meal. Especially when they serve it with butter. Or no butter. I am not picky. I just love bread.

I have such bad posture and that's when I was forcing myself to sit up straight as well. Major #fail. hahahahaha oh well. Whatevs.

 For starters, I went with Crevettes Royale Poêlées aux Epinards (Pan-fried "king" prawns on a bed of spinach in garlic & butter) It was delicious. Just looking at this picture is sending me into a frenzy. Gad knows how long it's been since I've had prawns. Well, obviously a month +++ ish. Hahahah but yeah. What I would do for these prawns again.

 For my mains, I went with Roti de filer de Loup de Mer au Puy Lentilles (Oven roasted fillet of sea bass set on puy lentils, leeks and carrots.) See I like fish when it's cooked in this form and I love lentils. So this was really nice as well. It came with really well done roasted baby potatoes which were perfect, with super creamy insides and a nice crunchy exterior and beautifully buttered carrots, broccoli and peas. I love anything buttered. Seriously. SO NICE.

Allisan went for some steak which looked like it was amazing. It was also huge so I think it was defo value for money there. Totes remember her telling me it was good steak tho. Jelly! I've not had meat since January the 3rd so it's been a while since I've eaten meat. Like Amilyn would say, I am indeed going through one of my phases again. lol

 For dessert, since I love anything to do with Apple Pie. I naturally went for the Tarte Tatin aux Pommes (homemade upside down caramalised apple tart with vanilla ice-cream). It was not a bad choice at all. I am quite picky when it comes to apple pie. If it ain't good, I won't say it's good. One of my favourite apple pies in the WHOLE wide world is done by ASK, which is an Italian chain restaurant here in the UK. They do it so well. I don't know if it's just Aberdeen's branch or the rest of the branches but oh my days. Allisan and I would go to ASK just for their apple tart. Seriously. ANYWAY. lol off topic there. But this apple pie was simple lovely as well. The crust was flaky and buttery, just the way I like it and the vanilla ice cream was way good as well.

 Ended the meal with some tea and they gave us some macaroons to nomz on. I don't quite remember the flavours. I think one was rose and the other was peanut? or Almond. lol But it was good too :)

Also, after paying the bill and leaving the lovely restaurant we were given a stalk of rose each and I thought that was really nice.

I LOVE FOOD SO MUCH. It will be the death of me! Or rather the reason to my obesity level. Lol but it was lovely. I'd love to go back there again some time soon.


On a completely unrelated note, today was such a lovely day! It was 17 degrees and so freaking sunny I went out in shorts and a tee-shirt. SHORTS WITHOUT TIGHTS! It's been a while.  Jun and I decided to walk to the beach and hung out there for a while before heading to ASDA to do my weekly binge/grocery shopping. It was tres lovely. There were tons of people at the beach, and so many dogs to watch. I wish we had more sunny days like this. Makes me (^_^) and Jun (^_^) too. I think, more so for him though, he gets this certain high when he's in the sun, makes him speak faster and there's a jump in every step that he takes in the sunlight. :P hahahaha 

This is how sun deprived we are in Aberdeen :P

Lots of love,
Amelia xx

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