Friday, March 16, 2012

Please don't be in love with someone else.

Harro! This is a long outdated post! February, 25th 2012! Anyway, that was the day, Allisan, Cheryl, Diana and I spent a day in the lovely town of Edinburgh. :) 

This is Allisan and I on the train ride over to Edin. We sat on the wrong side of the train and ended up on the side with all the sunshine coming in and hitting us squarely in our faces. Not complaining though, even though that meant we couldn't sleep the whole 2.5hour journey. Better sun than rain, right? :P 

Upon reaching Edinburgh, I was starving my bum off (since when is Amelia not starving right-- maybe at this moment I'm not seeing as I have just polished off a bowl of instant noodles, half a bag of popcorn and maybe half a bag of cheese (mozzarella and cheddar mix. YUM)) Anyway, here's my favourite restaurant in the whole of UK. Shilla Restaurant. (I think you've seen this name here plenty of times already lar)

Legit. I love that they have all these banchans out for us to eat and they are always yummy of course! I feel like it's not a real korean restaurant unless they serve banchans at the start of the meal.  

Cheryl loves Korean food and DaeSung! hahahahah

Allisan's main course- Sun do bu ji gae. :)

Cheryl and her main course - Kimchi ji gae

Me with mine-- sea salt mackerel

And Diana with her bi bim bap ^_^

Safe to say, everyone was really happy with their dishes. What's not to be happy lor. It's the best food already in UK. Seriously. No joke. Everyone has been happy when I've brought them to try! I always make it a point to eat there when I am in Edinburgh. Could be my only reason to go to Edinburgh actually :P hehehe

After a satisfying lunch we decided we had to have dessert and found an amazing cupcake place just down the road from Shilla. The cupcakes were amazing! And, they change flavours everyday so you get a surprise everyday. They also serve soup and sandwiches that look AMAZING. I'd really like to go back there for lunch some time :) The place is called Cuckoo Bakery.

Sea salt brownies that looked like heaven. (Diana had a slice of this)

Blackberry and lemon cupcake. (Mine)

Red Velvet cupcake (Alli's)

Black bottom cupcake.. 1/2 vanilla 1/2 belgian chocolate (Alli's)

Cookiedough cupcake (Cheryl's)

So that was that, it was SO good. I like a good cupcake that's fluffy and legit frosting. Some places do their frosting very artificial, and I cannot stand those kinds. These were light and not too much. So it was a brilliant way to end an amazing lunch!

After which we walked a little more and like the #gluttons we are, barely made it to 2 hours of walking around.... 1.5 hours later we went for dinner. HAHAHAHAHAH  Seriously. LOL We chose The Mussel Inn for dinner and I love this place as well. It is affordable seafood heaven. I am not kidding. They have a branch in Edinburgh and a branch in Glasgow and I have been begging (and by begging I mean leaving comments on their website under different names in the comment section) for them to open a branch in Aberdeen. SERIOUSLY. We need one here. It is so difficult to find legit seafood here and it is so freaking weird seeing as we are living right next to the sea........ hmm.... ANYWAY.

SUPER AWESOME SEAFOOD CHOWDER. Oh my days. Where do I even begin.

I do not eat oysters. But these were Cheryl's.

Cheryl happily nomming her oyster.

Diana and her fishcake!

Happy people with their mains. (Diana, Cheryl and I had different variations of mussels. I ADORE MUSSELS. Allisan does not so she had a whole plate of oysters. lol)

Pear cheesecake with a berry spread thingy. This was so yum.

Allisan being experimental and ordered a affogato which apparently was really good. :P

That meal ended our trip and we went on talking for a long while till we realised that we had about 10 minutes before our train was going to leave so that left us 10 minutes to get our asses up and pay the bill and get to the train station. So, you would have seen 4 asian girls running for their lifes to the train station. Got there with barely 1 minute to spare. #phew #neveragain. Lesson learnt: keep your eyes on the time and don't mix up departure times and don't talk so much cock. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

That is my recollection of a journey that was made nearly 1 month back. LOL

Have a great weekend y'all! :)


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