Friday, March 9, 2012

Infect me with your love.

 Hey y'all!

Just a day in uni. Didn't feel like dressing up at all. So here's me with a black lacy sleeved top from an online boutique from Singapore. Don't wear it enough! I love the sleeves, too pretty! and my high waisted dark denim from TopShop and a bow belt from ASOS. I really liked my make-up that day! hehe At night, the girls @Allisan and @Diana and I went for dinner at ASK and it was scrumptious! Hehe. Then we proceeded to catch Wanderlust starring Jeniffer Aniston and Paul Rudd and it was hilarious! hehe A little disturbing but definitely funny.

Here below is the lovely meal Allisan (best flatmate ever hands down) made the day I flew off the stairs. I love congee. So much. It's plain but with the right condiments, it is definitely something I could eat everyday :)

And here is a picture of my foot with the ankle all swollen up. It's a lot better now eventhough it still hurts a little and I'm still on painkillers. :( but the swelling has gone down tremendously however, it is still a really ugly shade of purplish-black. I'm really hoping it will heal soon.... I'm so bored walking with a slight limp and not being able to do ANYTHING.Ugh. But yeah, just hopefully soon :) Especially before the holidays rolls round. Really would suck if it still hurts while I'm walking around Sweden and the sorts. 

 Here's our dinner one night that Allisan made (again! I am so spoiled. All this good food seriously. Anyway, she made fish egg curry that was SO GOOD and spicy! I had like 6 glasses of cold water and I was still huff and puffing like a little beeyotch. She also stir fried brinjals with dried shrimp (super nomz please) so that was really nice.

Last night, we (Allisan and I) had dinner with Mia and Diana since Mia is leaving this saturday and returning the week after Easter which means we won't be seeing her for nearly a month. So we went out for some Indian and was not disappointed (Except with the lack of service which they sort of made up for by giving us a 15% off on the entire bill). I am obsessed with Paneer at the moment! IT IS SO GOOD! Why did I not discover the magic that is paneer earlier on in my life?! (T-T) Anyway, I know better now and I can make up for all the last years that I did not have paneer. In this specific dish which I had with some tandoori roti, it's Paneer with spinach and it was ultra nomz! 

I also bought some cupcakes home from a nearby bakery for Allisan and I to share for dessert! There's choco Banana, mint choco, baileys and vanilla rose! (Can you guess which is which and which ones are for who? :P) Anyway, the cupcakes were decent. Not nearly as good as the ones we had in Edinburgh which reminds me I need to clear the pictures from my camera ASAP and post them up here :P but I like cupcakes nonetheless I think it's the icing but who knows, it could be the cake too. Amelia likes everything! (except rose and baileys :P) hahahahah

First two pictures are of my today having only 2 hours of sleep I think I don't look too shabby yeah? :P It is horrible. I had coffee at about 3PM yesterday and it kept me up till 5AM and I had class at 9AM and waking up at 7AM.. so that was shit. Need to catch up on sleep tonight!

And the third picture, something that's been missing from this blog for a while now huh. Haha a bare-faced Amelia. For the day that I just could be arsed to do anything to my face, pop on my glasses and off to Uni I go. hehe. Not very often I would admit but it's so nice to have nothing on my face sometimes.

This is quite a long-winded random ass post so I do apologize if you've bothered to read through all this crap. My mind isn't in a right state at the moment and blogging really helps take my mind of things for a bit and I really do like typing.... it's so lovely. I wish I did it more often.

lots of love and have an awesome weekend all of you! I will be having quite a busy weekend myself so that'll be nice.
Amelia xxx

p/s if you've bothered to read through it all. Thank you :P

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