Monday, April 16, 2012

Make me weak, frozen and can't breathe.

Hello Wello. Wow, I've been away for long enough but I'm back now! Spent the last two weeks around in different places. Kristianstad, Ahus, Lund, Malmo, Stockholm in Sweden.. London, Buxton in England and now I am back in the Deen. It has been an amazing 2 weeks and I have met all these lovely people who show nothing but kindness and generosity and all the lovely stories they share. I have also been spending time with the ones I love and have had plenty of fun. I love holidays. Period.

Anyway, now that I'm back. I'm going to be swamped with work! Exams in a month, my birthday this weekend (for some reason, I decided to throw a party... hmmmmm), and leaving to go back to Brunei in 1 month and 2 weeks. I'm going to try and update this space as much as I can. (Probably will, haha you know... procrastination on studying....................)

I've been loving Instagram ever since they released a version for Android last week. Follow me on @pinkedgloss if you're interested. I usually post a picture nearly everyday. He he he. I did a little squeal when I found out that IG had been released for Android. I've been using IG on my iPod touch which sucks because the camera sucks so I had to transfer my pictures by email to my iPod to upload it to IG. Lol. Desperate much right? But yeah. Soooooo if you're an IG-er, holla at me! :D

KK, till the next time (which will be soon, with pictures too!!!)


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