Friday, April 20, 2012

On Your Porch

 Hello! Today I will tell the tale of Copenhagen, Denmark. This is me! In the morning, all ready to leave the house at 7am for our flight at 9am.

Our luggages, I know, only 1 week holiday and 3 luggages. Thing is, Sinda asked if we could help her bring some things over to Sweden for her so we needed an extra luggage. Plus, we got 20kgs each on the plane anyway. So it was all good :)

The flight was really quick, barely 1.5hours and bam! We were in Copenhagen! Ah, the magic of flights, right? :P Anyway, Sinda came to pick us up from the airport and we took a train to the Center!

Here's Allisan and Sinda figuring things to do in Copenhagen for a day. Lol. We ended up just walking round the center shopping and eating. It was freeeeezing! And I had the wrong jacket on. TBH I had the wrong jacket the entire trip. The week before we went, the weather was lovely all 20degrees of it and so Sinda was like oh yeah sure, you can bring your leather jacket.. a.k.a my thinnest jacket I own and bam! Cold weather hit us like a sack of bricks.......... it even snowed like twice when we were in Copenhagen. Too unlucky. SRSLY.

Yeh. That's the city map :) And we just walked around and went into shops and ooh aahed at random things.. as we do when we are in a new city.

Had some food to warm us up and decide what we were gonna do next. (nothing really. SHOPPING AND WALKING AROUND. lol I keep saying this.) Their sausages are really yummy! Like mini frankfurters. Not really. But they were the kind I like so yay. hehe

Went to the harbour where it was really purdy :) So many big boats and colourful buildings and so many shops selling nomnom ice-cream.

 The second picture is Sinda's signature pose. Hahahahaha

 ICE-CREAM WHICH WAS REALLLLLY NAAAAAICE. Allisan got a cone with chocolae and sprinkles. I was too cheap and just got the plain one.. which was still realllly goood. But I guess, choco and sprinkles would have been even more awesomer. I will never know now.... LOL #emo

Walked around some garden and took these photos. There's a story behind why I'm laughing like a moron in the first picture. Hahahahah :P

FRESH PRESSED JUICE. I am such a sucker for juice ATM. All i want for christmas is a blender and a juicer. Like a good one. and A WHOLE LIFETIME SUPPLY OF FRUIT (I can blend and juice) lol. We also visited Abercrombie and Fitch prior to these Juice so that Alli and I could take our picture with the hunk of the store (who wasn't all that hunky even) just so we have memorabilias. Hehe We had one from Milan and I really wanted one from London but we didn't have time :(

Anyway, after that, we took a 3 hour train from Copenhagen to Kristianstad in Sweden which is Sinda's hometown and yeah, that was our first day of our travels!


In other unrelated news to Copenhagen, today was a really shitty day to begin with. What, with the lousy shitty ass weather (always raining and WHY IS IT SO BLINKING COLD IN THE MIDDLE OF APRIL) ....

1) Meant to go for our third visa check of the year, I queue up for nearly 20 minutes only to discover that I had forgotten to bring out my wallet which meant  I forgot to bring my student card out so it just made all my queuing up worthless. WASTE OF TIME. #rage

2) Every blinking Thursday morning I wake up religiously at 7am to get ready for a STUPID ASS MATHS CLASS at 9am. And so, I did exactly the same thing today. And I got to class at precisely 9am and sat and did my blinking test and got nearly all of it right (I purposely missed one cause I cannot be arsed to do that question but the rest, I knew how to do and I knew I did them right..) and at the end I got 2 questions wrong. One that I expected and the other I GAVE THE RIGHT ANSWER JUST NOT IN THE CORRECT FORM WTF. The answer didn't really state what form I should have given my answer in but I put it in mixed fraction form. Y'all familiar with that right. Everyone is familiar with that shit right. WELL I GUESS NOT EVERYONE BECAUSE MY LECTURER DIDN'T KNOW JACKSHIT and said I was wrong. Douchebag. So I lost like 20% because the lecturer didn't know WHAT MIXED FRACTIONS ARE...... #rage

3) We have a 2 hour International Financial Management lecture every Thursday right and we usually get a 10 - 15 minute break in between because honestly, who the hell can listen to someone talk about option and shares and foreign currency for 2 hours straight and ABSORB everything right. Be realistic. Well, this lecturer today says that he's not gonna give us any breaks but just give a 1.5 hour lecture. He didn't. So we had to sit for 2 hours and I got restless boy. RESTLESS omg. Figetting like a monkey and my tummy was playing it's own orchestra. Could have recorded a whole album.......... Argh. That annoyed me too. #rage

4) This one. Let's just cut it short. My part in an IFM presentation that we were all supposed to do in a group.. my part got completely cut out. I painstakingly went through final year end reports and newspaper articles and jazz and it's not needed anymore. Nope. No offense to me..... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ #rage

Yes. I totally needed to rant. It's been a while since I've posted up a rant on my blog. Hehe it does feel good. Ah....

Anyway, shitty ass news aside, right now, I am making my pulled pork for tomorrow's party (MINE! HEHEHEHE) and Allisan is making the marinade for the chicken wings.... Yup! Celebrating my 21st, tomorrow (Eventhough my birthday is on Saturday.... turning 21 on the 21st. HEHEHE so nice.) and the theme that I have chosen this year is Mexican. Lol and when I say theme I mean the food. So it's going to be all Mexicano food tomorrow! I hope people will like it really.

I LOVE BIRTHDAYS. I look forward to my birthday every year. I LOVE ITTTTTT. AMG. hehehehehehe I don't know. There's something about birthdays... they always bring something good you know? and the fact that I am growing older and ahhhh. I LOVE IT. I don't know how to explain my love for birthdays. I just do. :):) and I am eggcited for tomorrow and Saturday and ahhh hehehehe.

Till the next time I blog. (Which will be soon! hehe)

Amelia :)

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