Friday, April 20, 2012

My Favourite things.

One of the things that I miss most dearly from our week in Sweden was the variety of Pick and Mix. Every day without fail, for an entire week we had a bag filled with all these delightful morsels and it was good. So so good. We even knew which we loved and didn't like so in the end we could fill our bags with only the ones we liked. Hehe Soft, chewy, doesn't stick to our teeth are the kinds that I like. I also really like the sugary ones. Can't help it! Got a major sweet tooth! hehe

 The pictures below is us checking out the beach near Ahus.

These are the names of the people who helped sponsor the bridge!

No trip is complete without trying their loacal chocolate milk :D hehe

Yummy milk.
Sinda's parents cooked us a lovely meal for dinner! These plates with 4 compartments, we had one for each of us! It was massive and SO FRICKIN delicious!


Last day blogging as a 20 year old. Tomorrow onwards, I will be a legal adult. Recognized as an adult. Should be called an adult. It's funny. Sometimes I feel so grown up, living away from home, cooking, cleaning, having all these responsibilities.. traveling and managing alright.. but then I speak to my parents, or I return home and suddenly, I don't feel so grown up at all. I think we all will always have this child inside of us that we never want to get rid of and I don't think we should ever want to get rid of the child inside of us. It's nice to feel like we are older, but then still #foreveryoung inside. Don't you agree?

I am so happy to be able to live my life these 20 years, and I can't wait to see what the next years of my life will bring me. I am excited to see what the future holds for me and while I may seem like the most pessimistic person in the world, I am going to take them and accept them and appreciate them. It's such a gift to be alive. It truly is. I read the obituaries sometimes and feel so sad for all the young deaths in the world and that they didn't and will never get to experience life. I am not old yet and I dare not say that I have experienced too much in life, but I am experiencing a lot, if y'know what I mean and I am sure I will be experiencing even more as I grow older.

Wow. Haha I don't know if I made any sense in the above paragraphs. TOTES RAMBLING. Y'all know me :p but yeh. Bottom line is I'm excited to be 21! hehe Been waiting for it for a while now. And for a while I mean for a year because after tomorrow, I will be looking forward to the 21st of April 2013 already. What can I say? Love adore birthdays.

In 7 hours, friends will be arriving at our humble abode (me and Allisan's!) for some food and music (I will get to making the playlist ASAP!) and banter. I love having dinner parties. I love preparing and cooking and making food for people to eat. I love watching people eat and fill their bellies and I especially love it when people are happy with the food that I have made. Allisan has been a real darling, helping out and making half of the things on the menu.. it reduces the work load by quite a bit ;) and she's even spruced up the entire place! hehe pictures after tomorrow, hopefully. AH SO BLESSED FOR ALLISAN QUAY AI SAN IN MY LIFE. hahaha

Anyway, I will stop here abruptly even though I want to continue typing about the food that we've made but I should stop procrastinating and get the kitchen ready or something like that.



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