Monday, May 21, 2012

Crew Love

Hello everyone! The weather is lovely today. So freaking lovely. So, just in time for exam season, Allisan, Diana and I decided to head out for Sunday Roast at a local pub.

The pricing is quite devent, £6.75 for roast, yorkshire pudding (Alli and my first time eating today-- LOVED IT.), potatoes and vegetables as well as a whole pot of gravy and a drink! For an extra £1.50, you get an extra yorkshire pudding, cauliflower cheese and mashed potatoes. I think that would have been a lot worth it if I could eat so much more. Unfortunately, having woken up at 9am and brunch was at 1.30pm, I had a hefty breakfast in the morning already so didn't have that much appetite for the extra.

Super girls!

And then the food came :3 :3 :3 I am not joking when I say I've been looking forward to this brunch the entire weekend! Eversince we talked about yorkshire puddings. Okay fine, we only talked about it yesterday... but STILL! haha Was looking forward to it since yesterday. BEST THING THIS WEEKEND. I am such a glutton. zzz

Happy bellies = Happy girls
Anyway we decided after filling our bellies with food that we should take advantage of the lovely weather and the fact that we will be stuck in doors for the next two weeks thanks to the blood exams and since we were already in town already to go for some "food"/"grocery" shopping at marks and spencer.

I love grocery shopping. I love Marks and Spencers. I mean seriously, who doesn't like M&S?! Have you seen their array of ready-made meals?! Or their wide range of desserts-on-the-go?!!!! I have and I LOVE IT. Lol. I usually try not to buy anything from M&S so often cause they can be a little pricy but MAN. YOLO. YOLO ALL THE WAY. And today I wanted to buy M&S food for my 2 weeks of hermitting at home. So we did. We bought SO. MUCH. FOOD. *happy* hahahahahahahahahahaha

And look! They have a Hello Kitty egg made completely from White Chocolate! How can you not like M&S.


Jacket: H&M 
Shirt (with cutouts on arm): Urban Outfitters
Snood: ASOS
Shorts: TopShop
Shoes (flats): Melissa
Bag: Clark (hahahaha)

On my lips: M.A.C Nicki Minaj Viva Glam

Why o why do I not take nice outfit pictures at all. I AM SO AWKWARD SERIOUSLY. Hahaha Diana was trying so hard to take a decent picture but I am like a piece of wood that cannot take photos at all. lol poor girl. Lousy Amelia! hahahahahah wtf

Anyway, this is how it goes right? Plenty of blog posts just before the exams. PROCRATINATION NEVER ENDS. Damn. Oh well. I want to blog more though. I will after the exams again! ehehehe Usually I blog more when I'm back in Brunei anyway since I don't have that much to do..... right.... lol.

Ok Cool Beans. Have a lovely new week y'all and those who have exams. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU AND GOOD LUCK!

Lots of love
Amelia xx

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