Sunday, May 20, 2012

Greeking it with style.

Sinda and Diana going through the menu

Look at the human barbie doll next to me! Ain't she a doll????? (SO PURDY!)

Went down to our local Greek eatery for Sinda's birthday this year! :) Christos Taverna is the name of the place and it never ever disappoints. Even though the menu isn't too extensive, the taste is always spot-on and the portions are super decent!

Our selection of Mezes for two (which was very easily shared between 4 of us)

Greek sausages in a tomato based broth.

Dips. Dips and more dips. One of them was some sort of Aubergine dip, there's tzatziki and hummus. Also present was the rice wrapped in vine leaves.

Fried Courgette Patties.

Allisan and my mains. Lamb stew with rice. YUM

Sinda's swordfish steak which looked quite hefty.
Diana also had a leg of lamb baked. All our mains came with a side of potatoes and salad. So worth it. Really! :D
My Dessert - Greek sponge cake with honey, vanilla Ice-cream and cream.

Diana and Sinda's dessert - Baklava with vanilla ice-cream and cream.

Allisan had the house specialty Greek Yoghurt with preserves and almonds.
Overall the meal did not disappoint. We went in famished and came out with out buttons popping. The food was delicious and we had such a lovely time bantering. Took us nearly 3 hours to finish up our meal. SO GOOD. I live for long lovely dinners filled with lovely food and amazing company. Really and truly.


Anyway, starting Monday (in two days) will begin the 2 weeks of exams for myself. Some people (i.e Allisan, Diana and Sinda) are so lucky to only have 1 or 2 papers and thus able to finish their exams within the first week. I am however, not so lucky and have never really been that lucky and so I am stuck with 4 papers over the span of 2 weeks.

I hate exams. I will say this again. I hate exams. Always have and always will. To me, there is absolutely no point in an examinations especially not a closed book one. It makes no sense! Where in the real world are we going to be in a situation where we won't be able to look up whatever we are searching for on the internet, or in books? There is no invigilator going around saying that we can't search out information because we have studied it in Uni/School and so should know everything by heart. It is absolute bollocks.

I digress. My exams. 2 weeks, 4 papers and then I am a free bird! In the 1 week before I leave to Brunei, I will have to spend time with the loveliest person alive, Allisan because it will be the last week I get to stay in the flat with her and call her my flatmate since she will be graduating in July and I am going to miss her so frickin' much! Seriously!!!!!! And then, there's Jun too who I will miss quite a bit since I won't be seeing him for 3 months... but yes. I am dedicating my last week to spend as much time as I can with the both of them. Two very important people in my life. SAD TIMES.

I have like no motivation to do any work. UGH. All I've been doing mostly is making food and eating. Really. I really should get stuff done ASAP though. Or I will be regretting it again.

I've changed my layout again cause I was getting real bored with all the old layout so here we go. Old school and less clicky clicky all over the place :P

Wish me luck for my exams!

Lots of Love
Amelia xx

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