Saturday, June 2, 2012

United by Food.

Hello everyone (HI SINDA! I KNOW YOU ARE WAITING FOR ME TO BLOG hehe ♥). This blog post is dedicated to Friday night when Allisan brought Sinda, Diana, Cheryl, Jun and I out for dinner. It was the last meal for all of us together since Allisan will be leaving us for good! We went to Cafe Monmarte, the same restaurant that Allisan and I went to for Valentine's. That place does not disappoint! We all had 3 course meals and came out being able to roll down Union Street :P After the lovely dinner, we headed to the cinema to catch Snow White and the Huntsman. I enjoyed the movie but as usually Kristen Stewart cannot act to freaking save her life?! I mean what is up with Hollywood and their obsession with K.Stewart?! She is a HORRIBLE actress. I dare say I would be a better actress than her. She has no expressions-- like a piece of wood. Ugh. Thank god there was Charlize Theron and Thor man to save the movie and thanks to them, it was an enjoyable movie.  Stupid K.Stewart leaves a horrid taste in my mouth.

ANYWAY. The dinner was more than lovely and the movie was good and the company was AWESOME. So, nothing to complain lah. (^_^)

I am going to miss this woman so freakin' much! Travel/food/shopping/gossip/movie/everything-buddy. ♥♥♥  

HEADSHOTS hahahaha


Specials of the day. I had the medley of Monktail, Mussels & Prawns in lobster sauce, Allisan had the oven-baked steak filled with crab meat in cream & saffron sauce and Cheryl has the oven roasted filleted sea bass served with green lentils&carrots. :)

Escargots drenched in butter and garlic which we later soaked bread in to be gobbled up. It was extremely satisfying, like how melted butter always is ;)

Home-made spicy lamb sausages with Harissa sauce. This was delightful as well, a little spicy but nothing too bad. There was also a good charred taste on the sausages that I did appreciate.

My Main. It was lovely. All the main dishes got served with Potato Gratin and lovely vegetables (I don't know how they were cooked but they were brilliant!) I had several bursty prawns and chunks of Monktail and lovely, oh-so-lovely mussels.

Jun's Duck Confit with orange and port. This dish was extremely flavoursome! In a good way of course!

Sinda's lamb with cous-cous and vegetables and Harissa sauce (she really enjoyed this sauce). Acc. to her, it was also a scrumptious dish that she finished up! :)

Allisan's Mains. It is definitely something different, having crab stuffed in salmon. This is definitely the first time I've heard (and tasted) something like this. Safe to say, it was very very delicious! 
Not pictured are Diana's main, Chicken stuffed with crab meat in a lobster sauce and Cheryl's fish main! Both were cleaned off their plate too, so I can only imagine how tasty they were.

On to desserts! :D (Because we all know that there's ALWAYS room for desserts ;) ) 
Allisan had sorbet since she was feeling icy... hahahahaha. There was PassionFruit, Raspberry and Lemon (If my memory does not fail me.) The sorbet was lovely! Filled with so much flavour and so smooth as well!

Jun's Opera Cake with Cherry Sorbet. This was the dessert specials of the day. Very nicely done I must say and I don't even like coffee-incorporated desserts.

Sinda's Upside down Tarte Tatin. I've had this on my previous visit to this restaurant and I can vouch for it that it was extremely delicious ;)  Served with Vanilla ice-cream

Diana's Creme Brulee with a Raspberry Coulis. What can go wrong with a nicely done Creme Brulee? ;)

My Lemon Tart with Vanilla Ice-cream. This was a delight to eat! Every bite was a punch (a lovely punch of course) of flavour. Lemony and the crust was extremely well made. Would not have had my tart any other way. It was really good since I had been craving for lemon tarts for a bit now so this definitely satisfied my craving!

When we asked for the bill, we were given macarons, one each! How cute are they?

 We then made our way down Union Street to the Cinema! Made it just in time for the movie as well! :D

Heights in descending order. Hah!
I've had the loveliest privilege of meeting all these people in these pictures and I wouldn't have wanted it in any other way. They have definitely made my life in Aberdeen such a joy and I am thankful for them always. Thank you once again Allisan and the rest who made the night so enjoyable! :D

Outfit dets!
Dress: Love from TopShop
Shoes (not pictures): Zara

Lots of love,
Amelia xx

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  1. Sinda4:24 AM

    Love the pictures!! Very nice written! It explained how wonderful the evening was! Couldn't write it better!